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Cookbook Cravings

As you know I really love baking, but I enjoy cooking too. I get a little frustrated at times as things don't always turn out as I hope, however that's where the saying "practice makes perfect" comes to mind. 
In no particular order these are the cookbooks I'm currently wanting. 

Where I'm currently changing my eating habits when I came across Love Bake Nourish I thought it was a great idea and I really want to give it a go. Along with Leon cookbook, I've never actually been in Leon before, but this Cookbook has lots of yummy looking recipes that I'd just like to try. 
I ready have a book called Cook Yourself Thin, which Gizzi was part of which has lots of yummy meals and cakes that are healthy and have a lower calorie count. When I saw this book I knew I wanted it immediately. The Meringue Girls Cookbook and We Love Madaleines are to satisfy my love of baking and all things sweet. Finally The Vintage Tea Party Cookbook is something I've wanted for a while but never end up buying it got loads of pretty ideas for little tea parties and has design templates and ideas for decorating and style the party and yourself. If your lover of all things vintage this book is for you. 
I'm always looking for new cookbooks so if you have any you think I should see/get let me know. 

Engagement Meal Decorating

So Ian and I have our engagement meal coming up. We don't have a lot of money to put into it so we've had to get creative on how to decorate at the meal and table. We wanted to keep it simple and personal. We decided not to use confetti on the table as we felt it would be better not to.

I found these vases which I felt would be really cute going down the table. We had four of them and put some red carnations in them. Its a really simple idea, but its really effective and looked really good on the day.

I used some heart bunting I already had as I felt it reflected the meal and what it was for.
I then printed these images from polargram, where you can take images from Instagram and print them. I thought this was a great way to put a personal touch by dotting images on Ian and I on the bunting. With a few of our family. I loved it and people were interested to see the photo's

We got his simple banner to mark the engagement and it'll be a keepsake from the day. That I shall put in my memory box along with a few other bits from the day.

I got these parcel tags and wrote everyones names on them, making sure everyone was mixed up and also to make sure certain people didn't sit next to one another. Who knew you had to think of things like this.

The final touch were these balloons, which mine and Ian's got us. This finished it off perfectly as we had one lot at each end. I'm really pleased with what we did and we got lots of compliments on what we did.

Pretty Prints

 I love prints and after seeing Topshop have done a selection called "Prints Charming" I couldn't resist styling my own outfits based on some of the prints on Topshop. A how to on how to wear prints if you like. 

Keeping the outfit simple and bright. I chose this dress as I couldn't resist the candy coloured look of it. To keep with the bright look you can add a splash more colour with this contrasting coloured heels. I love Blue and Red together and feel they work really well in making an impact. This perfect for someone who wants a little bit of print. 

I love Gingham and these monochrome trousers are a must buy for me. I Teamed it with this bright coloured top to make the trousers pop. I teamed it with these shoes and this bag adds a fun element and a little more pattern. I find when you have a neutral coloured print it's always great to team it with a bright colour. I'd usually pick red, but I want to try other colours and I thought this was perfect. 

If you're really into your prints you could mix and match prints. With this outfit I've gone with this simple black and white spot Skirt and paired it with this tartan tee. As the patterns are the focus I've kept the shoes and bag simple and gone for black. You can team different patterns together and they can be a real eye catcher but be careful and some prints really don't work. 

Wish List Wednesday

I love buying things for the home I feel with each thing Ian and I buy it makes it more homely and more us. 
At our engagement meal we got given some vouchers and a bit of money. We didn't expect it, but it was a nice surprise. We go to put the money towards things for the home. I really need a wardrobe I like this one from ikea but I'm keeping an eye out. Both the biscuit and train Cushions are really us and would be perfect to add to our home. These Pasta bowls are really cool and would go perfectly in our kitchen. The being from Joules is so exquisite with its nautical print. Every house needs storage which is what drew me to these quirky patterned boxes and this shoe storage. The Candle holders are just a little something pretty. 

My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you

Pink Floral Dress - Primark/ Tights - Primark/ Shoes - Topshop/ Bracelt - Thomas Sabo/ Blueberry Nail Varnish - Barry M

Today Ian and I have our engagement meal. I wanted to wear something thats simple, but that stood out. I don't tend to wear pink, but when I tried this on I couldn't resist the pattern is so pretty. I paired my dress with this boots from Topshop as I feel it gives the dress a bit of edge. I feel I really look lovely and that I will definitely look the part for our meal.

All Of Me - John Legend

Now that she's back from that soul vacation Tracing her way through the constellation

Black Cardigan - Topshop/ Shirt - Topshop/ Jeans - Topshop/ Belt - Primark/ Shoes - Vans

Yesterday the sun was shining and I wanted to wear something a little less wintery. 
So I went for this combination of Shit and Jeans with a pair of Vans. 

Drops of Jupiter - Train

Engagement Gift Guide

Now I know this may seem a little odd, but after being asked what Ian and I would like as an engagement gift it got me thinking. 
Ian and I decided we wanted to celebrate our engagement with our close family. We decided what better way then to have a meal, we haven't got much money so everyone will be paying for themselves. It hadn't crossed our minds about gifts, until we started being asked. We didn't and still don't expect presents but we keep being asked. We want a few bits for the home so we've said that if they really want to give us a gift a contribution to that would be great. 
Ian and I really weren't aware that engagement presents are a thing and I wondered if anyone else did either. 
I thought putting this gift guide together would be a helpful guide to engagement gifts and to give some ideas. 

For The Couple

For the couple why not get them something themed. These pillowcases are a cool idea and if your creative I'm sure you could make your own, along with this frame of the couples story they are really fun ideas and you can make it personal by making it yourself. 
I've put an Ikea Giftcard as we'd like things for our home but it could be a Giftcard for anything. I thought this book of weekends in Europe was really cool idea especially for the couple who likes to travel. 
These Vow journals are beautiful and would be a fantastic gift for couples who will write their own vows.  Lastly these notes of wishes for the Bride and Groom are so cute and it means you could get them out make your own and you could get people to write bits down. 

The Bride To Be

Vintage Wedding Book
Fortune-Telling Book for Brides
Wedding Planner
Amore Ring Dish
 Mini Emergency Kit

If your just looking to get something for the Bride to Be these are a few little ideas. To give the Bride some inspiration you could give a book filled with images of weddings she can put any other inspiration in a scrapbook. What with all the planning she'll be doing what better gift than a wedding planner. This dish is beautiful too and a great place to but your rings or other jewellery.
This emergency Kit is an excellent find and more suited for the wedding day.

I wanted to do a bit for the groom to be but I've not really been able to find anything. I know it's seen as it's the Bride to Be's time, but for me it's equally.

Out To Lunch

I went out today with my mum and nan they're were looking to get themselves something to wear. I helped my mum pick some good bits out. She always says I have an eye for things, which I guess is good.
Whilst out in Maidstone we went for Lunch at this really cute cafe called "Frédéric. I've walked past in a number of times and have never gone in. I'm so glad we did. It is a french themed cafe/bistro and it has such a great atmosphere. The food is rich and tastes exquisite. I had a Procuttio and Brie Tartine  with a side of fries. I've never had brie before and thought I'd try it I'm so glad I did. The tartine is like nothing I've ever had before the food was so indulgent and I will be going back. Both my mum and nan had the Smoked Salmon Tartine, which looked equally as good. Next time I will try one of their delicious looking cakes, as I was too full to have one this time.
If you go to Maidstone and your looking for a little piece of heaven I recommend you go in.

Little Mistress

Ian and I have our engagement meal coming up and although I'm not one to want to be centre of attention. I'd like to feel really good and look special and have a bit of the wow factor. 
I found this company Little Mistress and they have some beautiful pieces on their website. I'm loving the monochrome trend and when I saw this dress I thought it's definitely something a little special with the cut and print it's sure to stand out. Teamed with this blazer from Little Mistress too, and pair of bright coloured heels like these from Topshop will make the dress stand out even more. The clutch was added a quirky touch. This outfit would get the attention I feel I deserve and I'd feel great in it. It's definitely worth looking at their website you mind find that dress that's going to make you feel special. 

Watches - The Watch Gallery

I've wanted a Chanel watch for as long as I can remember. I've been working on getting fit and healthy and I'm a great lover of watches so when I came across The Watch Gallery I couldn't believe my luck. A website dedicated to luxury sports watches. The watches are outstanding and exquisite ranging for a couple of hundred to thousands of pounds a little out of my price range but a girl can dream.
I like this Chanel watch in particular as it would fit within my life whatever I do adding that extra bit of style and luxury to my outfits. As it's a sports watch I can even use it when I'm working out. I like to do a range of different sports activities and this watch is so multifunctional that I could use it for everything. 
The dials on the watch mean I could time myself whilst out at the gym, going for a swim or when I'm out running. With the superluminova hands and indicators I wouldn't have to worry about when I go for a run as they're designed to improve visibility in the dark.
This watch also had the added bonus of being 200m water resistant, meaning I wouldn't even have to take it off going swimming. The style is so clean and simple, yet elegant and stylish. It's the little details that make this watch with the dials and the little diamonds this is truly a stunner and a conversation piece. 
This watch is an all round treasure. With its functionality and the overall look of the watch I don't really think you could go wrong. It's an investment and priced at £5,950 I guess you could say it's quite a big investment, but if you have the money why not especially when it's a watch like this. 

Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger

Zooey Deschanel's style is so unique and beautiful and I am a real fan. So when I came across this collection she has done for Tommy Hilfiger entitled "To Tommy, from Zooey" I fell in love. It's not out till April, which is still a while away but you can still look that these irresistible sketches and shots from the collection. I think I may have to treat myself and what better excuse then in April it's my birthday. From what I've seen the outfits are quite classic with the quirky and unique feel that is Zooey Deschanel. 
Tommy Hilfiger has said"There is a lot of red, white and blue, but done in a Zooey way with interesting detail and flirty fabrics. They are very Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy - really from the Sixties in London. That's not something we would normally put in our regular sportswear line - maybe we'd be inspired by the sixties for the runway but it's a new way to look at fun, American classics."
It's defiantly worth a look and I for one can't wait to see the full collection, which consists of 16 dresses. If these dresses are anything to go by this collection is going to be phenomenal. 

Many memories make a story Come on make another one with me

Cardigan - Topshop/ Top - Topshop/ Heavyweight Leggings - Topshop/ Trainers - Nike

As i'm having a super relaxing day today I thought  I'd go for a sporty look. Its a really easy and comfy outfit and it has also made use of my trainers as I've not been wearing them as much as I'd have liked. Here's to a day of relaxing, watching films and blogging.

Anywhere In The World - Mark Ronson

Wish List Wednesday

I've been looking at the boyfriend style coats and I can't decide whether I should go with black or get a colour. I really like this Miss Selfridge one and the colours lovely I don't usually wear pink so it wouldn't be an issue with the colours I have got in my wardrobe. I currently looking at different Tights as I want to get some with a fun print, these two are really cool. 
I love old school sweets so this book has been on my radar for ages. I starting to run low on my channel chance Perfume so this is a must. 
I've wanted a record Player for ages and this one is so exquisite I love the colours you can get particularly this one. This dress is easy but beautiful and would be great for spring. 

Hey you you always on the run, Gotta slow down baby, got have some fun.

Cardigan - Topshop/ Spot Crop - Topshop/ Mom Jeans - eBay(Topshop)/ Shoes - Vans

Today I've gone with a 90's feel. I wanted something that was stylish but relaxed as I'm not doing much with my day. Recently I've started to feel a bit more confident in the way I feel and the way I dress and I feel this outfit really reflect that.

Stop - Spice Girls

But you should see him when he shines Cause you never wanna let that feeling go

Jacket- eBay(Topshop)/ Dress - TkMaxx/ Tights - Primark/ Boots - River Island

Yesterdays outfit was based around this dress. I usually wear this dress with a big jumper tights and some converse, but yesterday I wanted to dress it up. I was going for a girly feel. I kept it simple picking the blue from the dress I chose this navy jacket. This boots I got as a christmas present from my mum and I absolutely adore them they go with most things in my wardrobe which is great too.

Who You Love - John Mayer feat. Katy Perry

Favourite Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club
There are lots of apps out there that are supposed to help you on your way to losing weight or being healthier and after trying some different ones out I've found my favourites.
Nike's Training Club app is fantastic it lets you pick what sort of work out you want to do and the level. It's a great way to have a workout in your pocket. I especially love that you get to pick something to suit your wants and needs in a workout. It's definitely worth a go.

My Fitness Pal
This is a great way to track what you eat and the exercise you are doing. It has a catalogue of foods, but if you can't find the item you're looking fro you can put it in yourself and the amount of calories. It also acts as a forum and a place to interact with others.

This is a great yoga app. It starts you off with an already made routine. You can then create a routine to suit yourself, as it has a variety of different moves which you can put together.

These three apps are fantastic and are perfect if you want something to take with you everywhere.  There's no need to carry any extra weight in your bag as it can go on your phone or tablet. I've got these apps on Android, but I'm pretty sure you can get them on the iPhone too.
Do you have any favourite apps to help you with health and fitness?
I find that they are really helpful to keep you focused.

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