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My First Vlog

I've been wanting to put together a Vlog for a while. I kept worrying about how it might look as I've never done one before. 
So here it is my first Vlog, I'd love to get yours opinions and tips and tricks on how to Vlog.

I came, I saw, I conquered From record sales, to sold out concerts

Top - H&M/ Skirt - eBay(Topshop)/ Shoes - Vans/ Socks - Matalan

With todays outfit I wanted to be fun with a girly and sporty feel. It is a simple outfit, but I love the colours together. I wanted it to be relaxed as Ian and I are having a bit of a family day. As it's Mother's Day and all.

Numb/Encore - Linkin Park & Jay Z

Will you still love me When I'm no longer young and beautiful?

Crop Top - Topshop/ Skirt - Primark/ Shoes - Trainers/ Sunglasses - Primark

I wanted to wear this skirt as I got it in the Primark sale a few weeks back, but I had't worn it. With the sun out I thought what better excuse to wear it. I teamed it with this crop top and some converse to give it a more relaxed feel.
I got compliments today saying I looked a little like a 1920's tennis player. I hope thats good anyway. I love the vibrancy of the skirt, which is what drew me to it in the first place.
I hope you're enjoying the sunshine if you've got it.

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Ray

Mid Season Sale Picks

The Mid Season Sales have started and I've been looking to see what bargins I can get. These are my favourite picks from what I've come across. I love this set from Paul & Joe it's so sparkly and pretty would make any girl feel like a princess. This bag is too cute I love the pastel Pink sort of colour and it would be a great addition to any outfit. 
I've been looking for a coat like this for a while and I like the idea that this cost had neon flicks mixed in the tweed. This Top was to pretty I love the delicate romantic feel of it and if mixed with this skirt would play on soft and hard which would be really cool. 
Have you found any bargains? And are you enjoying the mid season sales? 

Topshop X Adidas

Bringing sport and fashion together,  Topshop and Adidas have collaborated for this capsule collection. Which has some bright and fun colours and prints, that have been inspired by London's Landscape.  It's described as the celebration of the greatness of fashion and sportswear. They wanted to keep the cool feel of sportswear and the print is what became important in giving it the edge.

Fo me I want my sportswear to have that element of fashion and fun and for me this collection is defiantly encompasses that.
These are my top five pieces from the Topshop X Adidas collection. I picked these five because they would fit into what I have already as well as fitting together on their own. I love the mix of print and colour and I'm definitely a sucker for print.

For me I feel the collection could be worn to a multitude of places and look super stylish. If you haven't already seen it I'd recommend taking a look. Why not have a look at the video that goes along with it.

Wish List Wednesday - Makeup

As I've mentioned on my blog before I'm always on the look out for new products. I really want to get some new make up and these are the bits I'm lusting after at the moment. 
For me I love to keep my makeup quite simply I'm not someone who wants to spend hours doing my makeup. 
These would be great everyday things for me and my makeup routine. It could take me from day to night which is perfect. 

What To Wear

I have a wedding reception coming up and I'm not sure what to wear. I've not been to one since I was about 10 and even then my parents chose what I wore. So I've not really got anything to go by.
 I have three options I've put together and I thought I could get your help.

Cardigan - H&M/ Top - Topshop/ Skirt - Primark/ Shoes - Topshop

Top - Asos/ Skirt - Topshop/ Shoes - M&S

Dress - Topshop/ Shoes - Topshop

These are my three options. The wedding reception is in the evening and as I've said I don't really know what to wear, so your help would be great. Just leave a comment and tell me what one you prefer.

We slip and slide as we fall in love And I just can't seem to get enough of

Jacket - H&M/ Top - New Look/ Jeans - Topshop/ Boots - River Island/ Bag - Primark

Yesterday I treated myself to this new top from New Look, which I got in the sale. I love the monochrome look and I thought this was a great piece. I teamed it with Jeans, Boots and this Jacket. I wanted a smart vibe, but it was key to be comfy as I was going to the cinema.

I Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode

Fitness and Health Update

As I've previously mentioned before part of my thing for 2014 is that I wanted to change bad habits. Habits such as eating terribly and not doing exercise. I didn't want it to be a resolution thing where I say I want to lose loads of weight and go on a diet.
Yes I'd like to lose some weight, but thats not my main focus. For me it's all about my well being and changing my lifestyle and habits. As it will then become my life and lifestyle.
I was off to a really good start at the end of 2013, but I allowed myself to have a break over christmas. Which to some extent was a bad idea, but I didn't want to miss out on all the things I love.
Since then I have had some good and some bad weeks. In the last few weeks I've found myself in a bit of a rut and I'm trying to be more conscious of my decisions when it comes to food and exercise. I  recently got an app called run keeper, which is excellent. It has a selection of exercises you can select from, you then click go and it will time and calculate the amount of calories burned until you say stop.
I find it really useful when biking and walking. After having run into a small issue with my bike being broken I'm having to look at different ways to exercise. 
I want to start running, but I've never really been fantastic at it. I find myself getting out of breath so quick and my body seems to hurt all over almost straight away. I've always been a bit like this even in school I struggled. If there are any tips you could give me that would be great.

As for my eating habits I've started to slip into bad habits of having sweets or chocolate here and there. Which I don't mind as I don't want to cut it out completely it's just that I don't want to go back to square one. I've been trying new foods and have been eating healthy in terms of my main meals. I was also one of these people that doesn't eat breakfast, but that's all changed and I feel a lot better for it.
Since October I've lost about 9lbs, which is great and I'm really proud I just feel that I'm letting myself down when I'm having a bad week.
Through my up and down weeks it has been difficult, but it helps to stay motivated and want to do it. Through this it has got me wondering if anyone else has been struggling with things like this.
Have any of you found changing habits hard? Or have you got any tips to to help? I'd love to hear from you on your thoughts.

Nike Running Trainers

I'm looking to start running and I find the shoes I've got are really uncomfortable. I've been looking online and if you have the wrong pair of shoes it can hinder you when running. I hadn't thought of this before. I don't like my trainers to be too heavy or overly cushioned. I'm paticularly drawn to Nike's running trainers. I've tried on some and I really like them compared to other brands I've tried. 
I really like the sportsshoes website as it has a variety of trainers and brands. These are my top 4 Nike running trainer picks. 

I really like the idea of the Nike Free 4.0 and 5.0 which gives more flexibility. As I feel that would be a great choice for me. I'm still undecided but if you have any pointers it would be really appreciated. 

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying a stairway to heaven.

Jacket - Topshop/ Led Zeppelin T-Shirt - The Great Music Experience/ Jeans - New Look/ Shoes - Converse

I styled today's look on the boyfriend style. I wore Ian's old Led Zeppelin t-shirt and paired it with jeans, Converse and my leather jacket. It's really easy to wear. I love wearing slightly baggy t-shirts it reminds me of when I was younger as I used to live in them.

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Now its a week until "Mothers Day" and you're not sure what to get your mum then here are some ideas.
For me when it comes to Mother's Day it should be the thought that counts. I always give something small and try to make it personal. Like a photo frame with a photograph of me or a special moment. 
However I know not all mums are appreciative of that, and they actually want a gift of some kind where you spend money. I know my mum always seems grateful but often I get the impression she wants more. 
I used my mum as inspiration for putting together this gift guide which I hope you'll find helpful. 

My mum likes simple things that she can mix match, which is where u got the idea of these clothes and accessorise. The top is classic black and white which fits with the monochrome trend. Giving a bit of colour with a coloured pair of jeans. My mum lives a scarf with a fun print and this one is so cute with flamingos on.
Finally what mum doesn't love to pamper herself. With any of these three sets you can't go wrong.  Whether it's make up or some beauty bits you know you can't go wrong. 

Along with these ideas you could always get some flowers or chocolates. Or if you're looking to push the boat and you have the money you could always go out to eat or on a spa day. Something to make the day special and give you a new memory to share. 

I'll bring you flowers, I'll make your day The tears you cry, I'll dry them all, away

Jacket - H&M/ Top - Topshop/ Jeans - New Look/ Shoes - Vans/ Necklace - Ann Angel

With todays look I wanted it to be a mixture of hard and soft. I wore this floral top to bring through a bright spring feel. I then teamed it with these jeans and shoes I piped on this jacket. I love the contrast of prints and I thought this top and shoes was a great way of mixing them.

Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude

Primark Nail Polish Review

Primark Nail Polish - £1

Primark have brought out lots of new make up bits, well at least in my local store. I love getting a new nail polish, but I can't justify the prices for some brands around. When I saw this in Primark I couldn't resist and got it in this colour and a Lilac after all I can't resist pastel colours.
I was a bit dubious to start with as I wondered whether it would be good quality due to the price. However, I was proven wrong it's not the best quality nail polish I've used, but for £1 I don't think you can complain.
It's definitely worth the money however, if it were more money it wouldn't be as it wouldn't compare to other nail polish's on the high street.
Overall it's okay and I would happily buy it and use it for the price. As it's good value for money. 

Perfumes I want To Try

I envy those people that day they've found their scent. I'm a lover of perfume and I'm started to get a bit of a collection, but at times I wish there was one scent as I class my own.
My nan has always used Chanel No. 5 and to me it id her scent. If I smell Chanel No. 5 I immediately think of my nan.
I love fresh, sweet, fruit or Floral scents and these are a few I want to try I've already got one of the Miss Dior ones and I love it so I thought it might be good to try a different one.
As for the others they are ones I've smelt or heard good things about.  Marc Jacobs perfume are all lovely I can't decide if I like the Daisy or Dot one the most.
What's your favourite scent of do you have a scent you class as your own?

Wish List Wednesday

I'm a big fan of Tim Walker's work and when I came across this book I knew I just had to have it. I have all his other books and this would complete my collection. It's filed with beautiful images. 
I've been looking for something orange to add to my wardrobe and I came across this on Topshop is so beautiful and delicate and would be a great addition to my wardrobe. 
I'm always looking for new skincare products to try and this Rituals one looks really good and I'd love to try it. 

Sunday With The Family

Darryl doing some work for her project


Over the weekend Ian and I went to my aunts. My cousin Darryl (who is more like my sister) has been getting a bit stressed with coming to the end of her college course and applying to uni so we thought we'd go and try cheer her up. We went Saturday and we watched films put on face masks and ate lots of food. Unfortunately I didn't get any photo's from them.
However, on Sunday my Nan and Grandad came to my aunts and we enjoyed a lovely sunday lunch.
I'm meant to be trying to be healthy, but I couldn't resist some cheesecake. We tree to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasted.

Primark Summer 2014

Tropical Print Top - £15
Tropical Tailored Shorts -  £12
Heart Lens Flower Sunglasses - £3
Short Chain Link Necklace - £4
Stripe Longline Bikini - £12
Mini Satchel - £6
Palm Tree Scuba Skirt - £6
Sequin Flower Slip Dress - £17

With the sun starting to show I can't wait for summer. 
Even more so with summer clothes turning up in the shops it gets me excited for the warm weather to come. Or at least hoping we get some here in the UK. Knowing I'll get to wear pretty dresses, shorts and skirts without the need for Tights or Coats is just amazing. 
So when I came across Primark's 2014 Summer Collection I couldn't resist putting together my favourites. 
I love the mix of Patel colours and Bright Colours that they have. They are all affordable and would be a great addition in the wardrobe. There's some other great bits but I didn't want to show everything. So why not take a look yourself on Instyle's Website

Products I Want To Try

I'm always on the lookout for new products and these are some I'd love to try. 
I've got quite sensitive skin so it's important I don't stick to the same products. This is due to the fact that I've found products before that have worked really well with my skin, but end up not working well. Even though I've used them for years. 
I'm currently trying to experiment with different brands and products to see what works well. So if you have any you'd suggest trying I'd love to hear from you. 
I've been wanting g to try a bold red lipstick, but I'm not sure if it would suit me It's definitely something I'm going to have to try this year.
I've heard great things about Crabtree & Evelyn and Rituals products and I'd love to try them. Particularly this hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn as I get really dry sore hands. 
I've tried Lush products and I've been working really well will them, however I'm yet to try and of their haircare bits. 
Benefit makeup is meant to be really good and I think it would be worth a try. As I've mentioned I've got sensitive skin and last year it began to get a lot more  sensitive and I started to go off make up because I was afraid what it might do. I have a few basic bits but I'd like to start wearing a little bit more and I think this little kit would be a great way of trying out a few products. 

What I wear When I Work Out


Hoody - Primark/ Top - H&M/ Bottoms - Marika Tek/ Trainers - Reebox

When I am working out, going for a run or doing some yoga my main priority is comfort. As I don't want to feel uncomfortable at any point.
I tend to wear legging type bottoms that are fitted as I find them most comfortable. When I've tried to get other styles I find myself getting frustrated for one reason or another. I got these ones from Tkmaxx and they are by a brand called Marika Tek.
I really liked the pattern as it wasn't to much and they are so soft and comfortable its almost like I'm not wearing bottoms. I always wear a sports bar as I feel its really important. I then team this with a nice loose fitted top like this one from H&M and a hoody like this one from Primark.
Now footwear is a really important as you need to make sure you have the right ones. As a trainer can  both help and hinder you. You need to make sure you have suitable ones for you feet. Now saying this my trainers are nothing special and I'm currently looking for some new ones.
I got these trainers as I really needed a pair at the time and I wish I had taken my time as they aren't the most comfortable.

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