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Dahlia SS15

Dahlia have launched their Spring/Summer looks and I was excited to see them. 
There's just something so fun and girly about their clothes.
I'm always excited to see new collections but Dahlia always seems to capture me. From the look to the colour palettes they use.  These are my favourite pieces. 

This dress has that dreamy feel and it gets me excited for spring and summer to come. 
This bag is cute too and I love that it's wooden. 

These culottes are exquisite and they'd be perfect for my upcoming holiday to Morocco. 
This duster coast isn't something I'd usually pick, but I love the print. 

This Jumper is really pretty with is pastel pink colours and I love the Swan. 
This dress was something that appealed to my 60s side and it would great on a night out. 

These looks are so great and Dahlia have definitely done another fantastic collection. I can't wait to see what else they have in the future. 

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