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Looking Back and Looking Forward

 I haven't posted yet this year as it's been a bit of an odd start. I know it's a bit delayed, but I thought I'd start with a post looking back at 2014 and looking forward into 2015.

Now 2014 seemed to go really quick.
 It is was a year that flew by and left me wondering how it's already 2015.
It saw Ian and I celebrate our engagement, along with deciding to get married this year.
It saw birthdays and celebrations of all kinds. From 1st birthdays to my cousin Darryl going off to uni. I also had some mini adventures and visited places I've never been to before.
Ian and I got a new car and welcomed a new addition to our family in the form of Luna our cat.
Along with lots of other things. I'm truly grateful for all the things that have happened this year and I am extremely excited for 2015.

Moving on to 2015 Ian and I have some exciting plans. The top of those is we are getting married in May. I can't wait and I finally got my dress the other day which makes things even more exciting. So this first half of the year will be filled with planning.

Along with this we are hoping to go to New York and hopefully a few other places this year. We also have some mini things planned like climbing the 02 and seeing the Foo Fighters. Although to me seeing the Foo Fighters is big as I've wanted to see them for years and I can't believe I finally get to.

I am excited for things to come and I hope you are to.

As for resolutions I tend not to do them as I said last year. I'm not very good at them and like last year I am going to keep focusing on being healthier and having a generally good well being. As towards the end of 2014 I started to not feel so great and I feel that is part of it. 

So here is to a great 2015.

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