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When Wedding Dress Shopping

Before I went wedding dress shopping I had a range of emotions. First I was so excited then I started thinking, "what if I don't find a dress?" and then I was exciting again and then I started to get anxious and panic. This was mainly, because it is something I had never done before and I didn't know what to expect.
I had lots running through my head like, "what do I need to wear?" and "Do I need special underwear?" and "What about shoes do I need to bring my wedding shoes with me?" along with a variety of other things.

I decided I was getting to carried away and that maybe I needed to calm down. I then took to the internet to see if anyone else had mentioned this topic.
I was a little shocked that only a few things seemed to pop up.
As my search didn't really help I thought I just apply some logic.

If I'm going to be changing in and out of who knows how many dresses then I knew it was likely I would get extremely hot. So I opted to wear a dress and tights with comfortable shoes. This was to make sure I felt comfortable not only when I arrived, but for when I left too.

Then on to the underwear. Now I saw some people said it doesn't matter what underwear you wear, which I guess is true. However, if like me when you go to try on dresses and you want to see it look close to how it will on the day then I have a few tips.
For starters you need to be comfortable in the underwear and to be in your underwear if front of a stranger.
Secondly I wouldn't say you need your exact underwear that you'll wear, but is there a certain style of dress that you want. 
For me I knew I wanted a dress that meant I couldn't have a bra with straps. So I opted for a Strapless bra and some seamless knickers. Nothing to sexy and nothing that I'd be embarrassed to be seen in. I wanted to wear underwear that you couldn't see all the lines of. So I my eyes would just be on the dress.

Up-Cycling A Record Cabinet

Last year my mum gave Ian and I her old Record Player. Ian and I had been wanting to get one for ages so we could start our own record collection.
It was whilst at a boot fair that we came across this record cabinet.
Believe it or not when we first saw it we decided not to buy it. We then went back the following week and it had been reduced to £5. So we got it.

We went to a vintage style shop and bought some Chalk Paint as we felt it would give it the look we wanted. We went for white as then it would put all the focus on the record player and it would fit in any room.

I had these handles that I had been wanting to use on something and I thought what better place to use them. it's a perfect piece of furniture and goes so well in our house. We are pleased with how it had turned out and can't wait to find our next project.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies


60g Porridge Oats
90g Light Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
200g Crunchy Peanut Butter
1 Egg
85g Chocolate Chips

Firstly combine the dry ingredients.

The put in the Egg, Sugar and Peanut Butter.

Start mixing all the ingredients together.

Make sure they are throughly combined and then take small amounts to make the cookies.


Jawbone UP24 Review

When looking at the different fitness bands I decided to go into it openminded. I've never owned one before, but after hearing and reading lots about all the different bands I decided it would be perfect for me. I find myself wanting to become healthier and to make some better choices in terms of my wellbeing, but not being able to keep focused.

Getting a fitness band felt like the right way to go. Giving me the ability to track different aspects of life and to give me the focus I needed.

I choose the Jawbone UP24 as I wanted a band that worked with my phone and that let me track different aspects of my life. I also wanted something that wasn't incredibly expensive as some of the bands can cost a small fortune.

The Jawbone UP24 is a great lightweight band that comes in 3 sizes. If you look on their website it gives you size guidelines so you can pick the right size for you. I have had the band for 6 months now and it has made a great difference in my life.
A number of things drew me to this band. Firstly I wanted a band that was comfortable and stylish. Not like some of the other bands on the market which were quite bulky.
Secondly and the most important part is I wanted it to track my sleep, movement and eating habits.
The Jawbone can be used with different apps to give a more accurate reading of food and movement.

For me this band has been fantastic and I haven't had any problems with it. I honestly didn't think I would love it and wear it as much as I do. I never take it off other then when showering and when it's on charge. It really has made a great impact and change for me and has made me more aware of what I am doing.
It allows you to see trends in sleep, eating and movement. This is to make you have a routine and to give you more stability in your wellbeing. it has made me extremely aware of what food I am eating and how much of certain things I eat. For example I didn't realise how much sugar and carbs I consumed. It has made me have a more balanced diet and it has also made me aware of my sleep patterns.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to take the next step in monitoring their lifestyle and wanting to track the different aspects of their life. However, if you are wanting more from a band I would suggest you look at other versions or bands.
Jawbone has a band called the Jawbone UP 3 which is a more advanced band that also monitors heart rate. This is a bit more money, but if it's like the Jawbone UP24 it's definitely worth the money.

Books I Want To Read

Books are something I enjoy but that can also cause me some troubles. 
I'm quite picky when it comes to books. When I was younger I used to read a book a week but as I've got older I've found it harder to find books that keep me interested and wanting to read more. 
These are some of the books I want to read this year. 
I read Tina Fey's Bossypants book the other year and in suggests of other books to purchase came 'Not That Kind Of Girl' 'Yes Please' and 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?' I love a book that makes me laugh and particularly a autobiography so I'm definitely going to give them a go. 
After reading Giovanna's first book 'Billy and Me'  I fast became a fan of her writing and I can't wait for the lastest book 'Dream a little Dream' to come out in June. 
Lastly these two books are something I've been meaning to read. I feel like Maze Runner is something I've got to read especially as I've not seen the film yet. 
Mortal Instruments is purely as I watched the film and was intrigued as to what happens in the whole story so thought I should make a start reading City of Bones before reading the others in the series. 

I've got other books I want to read but I think I'll make a start with these books. 
If you have any recommendations of books for me to read them let me know. 

A Change in Look

As you may have noticed there has been a few changes here on Daydreams Heart. Coming into 2015 I knew I wanted to change the design and look of this blog, but I wasn't sure how. 
I decided after much consideration to do it in two parts. The layout and look followed by the title/header.

When looking at Daydreams Heart I felt it didn't reflect me and I felt it was important that it did. I started by writing down the things I wanted the blog to be which was clean, simple and a pop of colour. The blog is looking a lot more like I wanted and now I can move on to part two. The header/title redesign.
This part is going to take longer than I had anticipated. I have begun designing the header/title and I haven't yet found the right look for it, but as soon as I have I will put it up.

Morocco Wardrobe Inspiration

So in just under two weeks Ian and I will be going to Morocco and I thought I'd put together a little wardrobe Inspiration. 
I want my clothes to be effortless and easy, but also light. A little like these outfits. A maxi skirt is a good piece to have along with a nice pair of Palazzo trousers as you can take tops and mix and match. Then a maxi dress is a great staple as you can wear it day to night. I love this top and really want something similar. This Jumpsuit is really lovely and vibrant and again is another day to night piece. 
For me I don't want to pack to much I want to pack light. Mixing and matching pieces to create multiple outfits. I'm going to use this as inspiration when packing bits I already had. 

Wish List Wednesday

Recently I keep finding my eyes drawn to neutral colours and red and pinks. This Jumper is the mix of them all and is good stripes which makes it even more desirable. I love this 60s style Skirt and would be an excellent staple piece. This top and jeans are just a few basics I'd like to add to my wardrobe. 
These espadrilles are so pretty and make me think of spring. This beautiful scarf is so interesting and would be a great addition to any outfit.
Lastly I've been looking for a pair of trainers that are in a more muted tone. I have vans but they are patterned crazy colours so I could really do with a pair like this. 

Monday Musings - Bucket List

Being a month into 2015 I think by now people have either dropped their resolutions or they are going strong with them. For me it's never really about resolutions I like to think about making changes or decisions.
As I'd mentioned in a previous post it's got me thinking about what I want for 2015. This may seem a little late to be doing a post like this, but I wanted to share my Bucket list of things I want to do for the year. I'd already started it, but I've added a few extra.

1. Learn at Least 2 New Skills
2. Climb The O2
3. Visit 2 Places I've Never Been Before
4. Get A Job In My Chosen Career
5. Get Married
6. Start Saving
7. Upgrade Daydreams Heart
8. See Foo Fighters Live
9. Take Up Meditation and Yoga
10. Read at Least 6 Books
11. Make Healthy Food Choices
12. Do A Short Course
13. Go To Morocco
14. Do Random Acts of Kindness
15. Start Writing My Stories
16. Get Back to Painting, Drawing and DIYing
17. Make a 'Happy Days' Jar
18. Make More Time for Relaxing
19. Spend More Time at the Seaside
20. Take a Surf/Snowboarding Lesson
21. Get a Small Tattoo
22. Go to Barcelona
23. Try New Food
24. Submit a Piece of Work (so I start putting my work out there)
25. Make a Meringue
26. Watch a Film at an Open Air Cinema

I'm sure I'll end up adding to this as throughout the year things are bound to pop up that I'll want to do. For now this is what I'd like to get out of my year.

Trends - Stripes

I'm obsessed with patterns and particularly stripes. So when I saw that stripes are on trend I got extremely excited. 
I think patterns are a great way to add some interest and excitement to an outfit even more so if you tastefully clash patterns. 
These are some of my favourite Striped pieces I've found. These shirt is a great piece and could be styled lots of different ways just like this dress. Both pieces are from New Look  and they have some other great pieces too like this bag. I was immediately drawn to this bag not only did it have stripes but it had a pop of colour a great piece to have if you want a small amount of stripes. 
If you are looking for another small piece to add the stripes then this watch is beautiful and the colours definitely pop. 
These trousers from Topshop caught my eye and they aren't usually what I normally pick but I think it was the 70s vibe that drew me in. 
Lastly I'm a massive fan of Vans and I love that they're getting in on the trend with these striped ones. 
There's definitely something for everyone done when it comes to this trend and I think it goes without saying that I will be going full force with this trend. 

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