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A Change in Look

As you may have noticed there has been a few changes here on Daydreams Heart. Coming into 2015 I knew I wanted to change the design and look of this blog, but I wasn't sure how. 
I decided after much consideration to do it in two parts. The layout and look followed by the title/header.

When looking at Daydreams Heart I felt it didn't reflect me and I felt it was important that it did. I started by writing down the things I wanted the blog to be which was clean, simple and a pop of colour. The blog is looking a lot more like I wanted and now I can move on to part two. The header/title redesign.
This part is going to take longer than I had anticipated. I have begun designing the header/title and I haven't yet found the right look for it, but as soon as I have I will put it up.

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