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Monday Musings - Bucket List

Being a month into 2015 I think by now people have either dropped their resolutions or they are going strong with them. For me it's never really about resolutions I like to think about making changes or decisions.
As I'd mentioned in a previous post it's got me thinking about what I want for 2015. This may seem a little late to be doing a post like this, but I wanted to share my Bucket list of things I want to do for the year. I'd already started it, but I've added a few extra.

1. Learn at Least 2 New Skills
2. Climb The O2
3. Visit 2 Places I've Never Been Before
4. Get A Job In My Chosen Career
5. Get Married
6. Start Saving
7. Upgrade Daydreams Heart
8. See Foo Fighters Live
9. Take Up Meditation and Yoga
10. Read at Least 6 Books
11. Make Healthy Food Choices
12. Do A Short Course
13. Go To Morocco
14. Do Random Acts of Kindness
15. Start Writing My Stories
16. Get Back to Painting, Drawing and DIYing
17. Make a 'Happy Days' Jar
18. Make More Time for Relaxing
19. Spend More Time at the Seaside
20. Take a Surf/Snowboarding Lesson
21. Get a Small Tattoo
22. Go to Barcelona
23. Try New Food
24. Submit a Piece of Work (so I start putting my work out there)
25. Make a Meringue
26. Watch a Film at an Open Air Cinema

I'm sure I'll end up adding to this as throughout the year things are bound to pop up that I'll want to do. For now this is what I'd like to get out of my year.


  1. Great bucket list! I'd love to see Foo Fighters and travel to Morocco - I hope you manage to do all of them!


    1. Thank you Yer hopefully I'll do them all since writing it Ian and I booked a holiday to Morocco. I've wanted to see Foo Fighters for so long and this year I will be going.

  2. Love your bucket list I'm doing something similar this year too! I love reading other peoples as it gives me even more ideas for my own

    1. I like seeing other people's to great for ideas is never thought of before


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