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When Wedding Dress Shopping

Before I went wedding dress shopping I had a range of emotions. First I was so excited then I started thinking, "what if I don't find a dress?" and then I was exciting again and then I started to get anxious and panic. This was mainly, because it is something I had never done before and I didn't know what to expect.
I had lots running through my head like, "what do I need to wear?" and "Do I need special underwear?" and "What about shoes do I need to bring my wedding shoes with me?" along with a variety of other things.

I decided I was getting to carried away and that maybe I needed to calm down. I then took to the internet to see if anyone else had mentioned this topic.
I was a little shocked that only a few things seemed to pop up.
As my search didn't really help I thought I just apply some logic.

If I'm going to be changing in and out of who knows how many dresses then I knew it was likely I would get extremely hot. So I opted to wear a dress and tights with comfortable shoes. This was to make sure I felt comfortable not only when I arrived, but for when I left too.

Then on to the underwear. Now I saw some people said it doesn't matter what underwear you wear, which I guess is true. However, if like me when you go to try on dresses and you want to see it look close to how it will on the day then I have a few tips.
For starters you need to be comfortable in the underwear and to be in your underwear if front of a stranger.
Secondly I wouldn't say you need your exact underwear that you'll wear, but is there a certain style of dress that you want. 
For me I knew I wanted a dress that meant I couldn't have a bra with straps. So I opted for a Strapless bra and some seamless knickers. Nothing to sexy and nothing that I'd be embarrassed to be seen in. I wanted to wear underwear that you couldn't see all the lines of. So I my eyes would just be on the dress.

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  1. This has been a great help! I got engaged over Christmas & have just started thinking about wedding dress shopping, I had a slight panic at what the experience was going to be like/what to do I wear! thank you for the insight!
    Peace & Love KC xx


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