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Bucket List Update

As you may remember last month I shared with you my bucket list for 2015. I wanted to share with you what I've achieved so far.

1. Learn at Least 2 New Skills
2. Climb The O2
3. Visit 2 Places I've Never Been Before
4. Get A Job In My Chosen Career
5. Get Married
6. Start Saving
7. Upgrade Daydreams Heart
8. See Foo Fighters Live
9. Take Up Meditation and Yoga
10. Read at Least 6 Books
11. Make Healthy Food Choices
12. Do A Short Course
13. Go To Morocco
14. Do Random Acts of Kindness
15. Start Writing My Stories
16. Get Back to Painting, Drawing and DIYing
17. Make a 'Happy Days' Jar
18. Make More Time for Relaxing
19. Spend More Time at the Seaside
20. Take a Surf/Snowboarding Lesson
21. Get a Small Tattoo
22. Go to Barcelona
23. Try New Food
24. Submit a Piece of Work (so I start putting my work out there)
25. Make a Meringue
26. Watch a Film at an Open Air Cinema

So far I've checked off three things. I've mentioned before I want to change the direction my career is going in and I thought what better way to do then by enrolling in a short course. For me I enrolled in a Diploma in Online Marketing. I am enjoying it so far and it's got me looking at other courses too. I feel like it's important to always be learning new things and I enjoy the challenge it brings.
Around the time I posted this post Ian I decide to book a holiday and after looking at the weather we chose Morocco. It was amazing and I'll be sharing a few posts about it.
Now the "Happy Days" jar was important to me because sometimes Ian I look at the year and end up thinking more negative things happened when really it didn't we just couldn't remember all the positive's. So it will act as a constant reminder of all the good and positive things we have done. So far the positive's are far outweighing the negatives.

It's great having a visual of my bucket list and marking them off it makes me see what I am actually achieving. I thought I might have ticked a few more off but I've got several months to tick them off yet. I'd love to know if you have a bucket list and how your going with it.

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