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The Hammam

Probably one of best and most oddest experiences of my life.
For me I am comfortable in my own skin but being nude in from of someone is something very strange to me. It makes me feel so insecure.
It was a surreal experience and made me think of an episode of Michael Palin.
Ian and I decided we wanted to fully relax and that a massage would be a great way to do it. Even better we could have a real moroccan hammam massage.We knew it was n exfoliation and massage nothing prepared me for what was to come.

Arriving at a spa like you would at home in the uk. Being treated by the receptionist and told to be take a seat whilst we waited. This was what I had expected it was what followed next.
Ian and I were then called and taken to a room and told to sit down. We were then handed a bag. The woman looked down and pulled out two tiny packets and said change please whilst leaving the room.
Ian and I looked at them and looked at one another with a little giggle. They were paper knickers (which suddenly made me think of the paper knickers you get in hospital) these were all we were to wear. Before I'd even had a chance to finish changing the woman was back in the room and handing me some sandals.

Next we were taken into the next room. A steam room with sea blue tiles and a long tiled tiled seat. I found myself not knowing what to do. I had my arms crossed across my boobs in a bid to be more desecrate and hidden.
It was in this moment I found myself thinking "why am I being like this?" what was I afraid of and why did I feel so uncomfortable. This woman obviously does this on a daily basis so why did it bother me. I didn't know what it was but now I think about it being naked in front of a doctor would freak me out. The only person I feel comfortable being in front of is Ian. He loves me for me and knows all my scars and I think when it comes to anyone else I feel the want and need to explain and cover up. It brings me to a vulnerable place that makes me question my body. It suddenly dawned on my that no one should make me feel like that.

Proceeding into the room we sat down on the tiled seat. She throw a bucket of warm water over me and then over Ian. She began rubbing at my body and then Ian'd before throwing a second bucket over us. She then put aromatherapy oils into the corners of the room followed by hot water and left saying relax. With that she left the room. Ian and I looked at each other and without saying a word Ian knew what I was thinking. He looked at me and said "just relax she does this all the time." with that I found myself relax a little more and we sat there enjoying the warmth and lovely smell of the oils.

Before we knew it she was back again and said "You enjoy?" which we replied "yes" she then laughed as she couldn't see because of the steam. Then she asked Ian to move to a a seat opposite and then said "slip,slip" I looked confused then realised she wanted me to lay down.
She took a large mitten out of the plastic and put something on it before she began to scrub at my body. She started with my feet working her way up to my legs then to my stomach and then to my boobs which made me feel uncomfortable. She then asked me to roll over and did the same again before sitting me up and rinsing me off. This experience was both strange and strangely liberating. After she had finished she swapped and I sat on the seat whilst she proceeded and did the same to Ian.

As we're a couple and having a couples version we were with each other the whole time. This was the best part as it was nice to share the experience. In doing this it meant Ian watched as I was exfoliated and I too had to watch as the woman did it to Ian. As strange thing to sit there and watch what you've had done to you done to someone else.

Afterwards we were called back to the first room where we were given dressing gowns and some water. Before another woman came in and asked "are you ready?" we nodded and she asked us to follow her. We were lead down a corridor where she opened this large wooden door which lead to a stairway lit with candles. We were led into a room and asked to sit again while the two woman stepped out. Ian and I could here them whispering we joked that they were doing rock, paper, scissors to decide who they were getting. We hope they weren't thought but it did cross our minds. They then came back in and asked us to get on our massage beds. They then began the massage starting on our backs before turning over onto our fronts. The music was peaceful and relaxing along with the massage and it was truly relaxing. I almost fell asleep. Before we knew it the massage was over and we were leaving.

It was an amazing experience and although it forced to face some fears I really did love it. It was so relaxing and pampering I would definitely do it again. Ian loved it too. It was his first full body massage and he can't wait to have another.
I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a truly relaxing time.  


  1. It sounds lovely that you got to experience the massage together as a couple. Imagine how scary going in alone would be. I had a similar massage in Turkey but they let us wear swim suits. It was totally awkward until i just relaxed x

    1. I know I wore swim wear thinking we'd wear that but I definitely glad I wasn't alone.


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