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Morocco Part 2

This is a bit be lated but I have been busy with wedding things recently. However better late then never.
This is a mixture of the outfits I wore whilst on holiday in Morocco. For me I wanted to pack really light and as it was warm but could get cold in the evenings I decided to pack trousers. So here's a glimpse into what I wore.

Kimon - Primark/ Purple T-shirt - Topshop/ Trousers - H&M/ Sandals - Topshop

T-shirt - Primark/ Skirt - Topshop/ Flip Flops - Havana

Kimono - Topshop/ Vest - Topshop/ Palazzo Pants - Boohoo/ Flip Flops - As Before

Hawaiian Top - Topshop/ Maxi Skirt - Primark/ Sandals - Topshop

Kimono - As Before/ Silver Vest - Topshop/ Trousers - Vintage We Are Cow/ Trainers - Vans

White Top - Primark/ Trousers - As Before

Kimono - As Before/ Dress - H&M/ Shoes - Toms

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