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Life's Little Love Notes

I know every once in a while we can all forget about the great things in life. Life can feel like it's going wrong and this sometimes leads to us thinking everything is pretty rubbish. It's in these moments I find myself reminding myself of all the good things and trying to stay positive. 

I've heard of the gratitude journal and various other versions of this, although I like the idea it's not really for me. I thought about how I could do my own version and I've decided to do a weekly post featuring all the things I've loved or that I am grateful for. 
The little things are what go unnoticed all the time and I want celebrate them.

1. Quiet moments to relax

2. Celebrating with my Husband

3. Milkshakes


  1. This is such a lovely idea, journals never really work very much for me either, I always forget to fill in entries and I feel guilty and like a bit of a failure! But this is such a lovely alternative, sometimes you just need a little pick me up :)

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. What a wonderful idea! If you cannot use your blog as an online journal, what else can you use it for?

    Rachael at


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