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Monday Musing

So recently I have quite absent from the blog. Only managing to do a wish list Wednesday post if and when I can. This year has been a bit of a challenge but it has also been filled with exciting times too.
My husband has been having a tough time at work over the last few years and had been signed off with stress. This year really took it's toll.
He didn't want to give up as he felt it wasn't fare, but I told him there comes a time when you have to think of yourself and what's best for you. It was making him unwell and I wanted him to feel better and leave. I knew this was a discussion only he could make and in April he decided it really was time and that he needed to think about himself. He also didn't want to feel like he did anymore especially before we got married.
Which leads to me. I have had a bit of an up and down time with jobs. By that I mean I have been doing temp agency work for the past few months and whilst it means I get a change in environment and get to experience different companies I never really feel a part of a team.
This is something that comes with agency work. You're there to fill a spot whilst they need the extra people or until someone comes back. So you're never really a part of something.
It's gotten me down a few times, but it's been an experience that has taught me a lot.
I now know what I want to do and I am focusing my time on reaching that goal whilst still temping. I mean a girls got to earn some money. I know I am going to reach my goal I am just waiting for some to give me opportunity as I know I can do it.

This then leads to the main reason I've been a bit absent. Since March we've been fall force sorting out the last parts for wedding. Then in May we got married (they'll b some wedding related posts soon) and then went on a honeymoon.
Since then we've been enjoying the start of married life and it's been a busy for us.
Now I'm back and full of inspiration and ready to get going. So keep your eyes peeled.

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