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Lazy Girls Guide To Exercise

I have never enjoyed exercise and it's never been something that I'd choose to do. However, as I have gotten older I have realised that it is important to be fit and healthy. When you're younger it is easier. Whilst at school you get your exercise from PE, Sports or whatever they call it nowadays and let's be honest as a kid I seemed to walk a hell of a lot more than I do now. I also used to go to the gym once a week as it was right next to my school and just made sense.

As I got older I always said to myself I need to get fit and healthy. Yes I'd like to lose a little weight but the main reason was always because I wanted to be fit and healthy. However, I have always prioritised everything else above this and thought well I need that extra bit of sleep or I've just got home and I need time to relax. When really it's just because I want to be lazy and get home and do absolutely nothing. That's not to say that it's a bad thing, but sitting at a desk for the majority of the day isn't exactly healthy when you're not doing any exercise.

That's why I realised I need to incorporate some exercise into my daily routine. I decided to start small by trying to do 10,000 or more steps a day. I know on average you're meant to do 10,000 steps a day so I figure if I have that as my starting point and then get incorporate more exercise then it'll make it that bit easier. 
There are simple ways of increasing your steps throughout the day like, getting off the bus a stop or two earlier and by doing some walking on your lunch. I am always one to try and get out the building at work as I think you should get some fresh air so why not do a bit of walking too. Then when I get home I look to see how many steps I've got left and then I cater my walk to get me the steps I need. Some days I feel exhausted and try not to do but that is purely for easiness and laziness. 

Now that I'm starting to get used to this I am going to start increasing my steps over a period of time along with introducing some other form of exercise. The best way to do this is to choose a form of exercise that you dislike the least. Which for me would be yoga that way it also includes some relaxation time as I could also use some time for that too.

I'd love to know what you guys do for exercise and how you feel about it. You never know we might be able to help each other.

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