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With all of this I feel now Everything inside of my heart

Hat - Topshop/ Bomber Jacket - Primark/Shirt - Topshop/ T-shirt - Primark/ Jeans - New Look/ Trainers - Converse

Channeling a bit of a 90's vibe here. This is my casual go to look a t-shirt with a jacket and or shirt with a pair of jeans and trainers. It's great on a day to day basis and it is pretty easy. I'd love to say I am glamorous 24/7 but unfortunately my bank balance can't afford that and who really dresses like that every day.

Blink 182 - All of This

Wish List Wednesday

As I've said before I love buying things for my home. The living room is nearly perfect, but I'd love to add a few last finishing touches.
This cabinet from Urban Outfitters is something I've had my eye on for a while I'm hoping it's still there when we've got the money. It's the last piece of furniture that we really need. It would be great to add a hint of colour too. This chair is very much needed and I love the bit of wood. I currently sit at an armchair whilst it's super comfy, but it is a bit low. Adding this cushion would give the added bit of comfort and maybe even add a fur rug for added luxury. This throw looks really lovely and I love the monochrome look as it would go with any colour. 
Who doesn't love frames and this one beautiful with it's reflective pearlescent texture. Lastly candles, a must in my house to give a nice scent throughout. I am nearly out of my fireside treats scent so am in need of a new one. It's such a yummy smell. It's the right amount of sweetness which makes me want to make lot's of baked good. This christmas cookie scent is one I saw last year and would love to get my hands on it.
Homeware is great and I love seeing all the wintery pieces as it get's me even more excited for the colder months.

Monday Musings

Money, now everyone is wanting to get there hands on some and whilst people may say they don't they are always wanting more.

At university everyone struggles with money unless you're that student who's parents give them endless supplies of money. When I was at university I got the full amount of grant and loan as my parent's didn't earn a great deal between them. They tried to help if and when they could with helping to buy a few things such as books and photo paper.  Other than that I was on my own . 
I know that is all part of university and growing up and so I just got on with it. Living with my now husband Ian we had bills to pay and food to buy. He worked full time which covered mostly everything which made it easier, but I had to cover the rest which is much better than other students. Although it didn't make it any easier.

I am not complaining as I feel very lucky and like other students I had to get a job. I didn't work the whole of the year just at christmas. The first year I did too many hours which didn't help as it started interfering with uni work. Then the next year I got a job that fitted in great. However, I had a group project and they didn't get it. I explained to them from the start that on days off I had to work as I had bills to pay and needed the money. However, this seemed to make them more angry. Which in turn made me more frustrated. Why didn't they understand they were students surely if anyone else got it they did. I soon realised they didn't care which made me feel really stressed their answer was you don't need to worry about money you'll get your student loan soon. 
From this point on I realised when it comes to money unless it's effecting you no one really cares. 

Since university it hasn't been easy and I have had various jobs not all of which I am proud of. However, you have to work to get the money. I know what I want to do as my career and job but it's having someone take that chance and giving me the opportunity. Money isn't always an easy thing whilst people always want it it's  not always easy to get it. Now I don't want to be rich I'd just settle for actually having a steady income every month from a job I love. 
I have worked via agencies over the last year and while it has usually worked out there are those times you don't have a job for some time and panic starts to set in.
I have been out of work for a few weeks now and whilst I am fighting hard to get something, nothing has come up yet which sucks. It means everything is on Ian and he can't afford to pay for everything and we don't have any money stashed away.

This is a common thing for people our age but that doesn't mean it doesn't frustrate us. I am sure that there are lot's of people who are feeling like this or have felt like this at some point in there lives. To me it makes me appreciate everything more. As not everyone understands that as they've not had to.

I wanted to share this because when I look at other bloggers and see everything they are blogging about and all the things they are buying or are gifted, and it makes me wonder should I be blogging?
I don't have lots of money to buy all these wonderful beautiful things and I don't do exciting things every day. It's in that though that I also realise it means I have to be more creative in what I blog about, which sometimes makes it hard. As I feel like i'm blogging about similar things.

Tiptoe to your room A starlight in the gloom I only dream of you

Jacket - Marks and Spencer/ Dress - Primark/ Tights - H&M/ Boots - Primark/ Hat - Primark

It's those days where it's starting to get cold and this is the first day I've felt like thicker tights are needed. I teamed them with this checked dress I got last year from Primark. It's a very on trend pattern for the season as you'll probably already know I love a pattern. I went for an easy look pairing it with this jacket and boots.

Sing For Absolution - Muse

Wish List Wednesday

Winter layers are a staple  of this season and I love mixing  patterns and textures. This Jumper is super cute with these split sides it would look great with this gingham shirt. This  playsuit would be great with a thick pair of tights and paired with these boots for a cool pattern clash. Even better they're a key piece for the season and have been seen on many celebs. Both looks would be perfect with this Fedora as a finishing touch. 

This underwear is luxurious and it's also part of the breast cancer selection so you know it's supporting a great cause. The beautiful pink colour and silky material is perfect. They're a brand I definitely recommend because they're sexy, pretty and comfy which is what I love in lingerie. 
This bag would be a great piece of the party season and would give you a quirky element to your wardrobe and it would be a fab stand out piece. 
Lastly this benefit tint adds a lovely rosey check and although I've never had fake lashes I've heard great things about these and both would be great for the upcoming festivities. 

Halloween Style

I am never really sure what to make of Halloween. I know in America it's huge but over here I've neve really known it to be that big. Yes there's been decorations in shops and I've seen people dress up but I barely see anyone out and about. I grew up in the middle of nowhere so trick or treating wasn't really an option. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I actually went. Now I know that probably seems a little creepy but at the time my friends couldn't believe I'd never been before that and always it wasn't as creepy as it would be now.
It was nice to experience but it's a little different when you're older. It wasn't until one year I took my cousin out to do it. She got so much excitement out of it and I have to say it really was fun. Since then I have seen a little bit of the fun element to it. One thing I love is the fashion and accessories.

With Halloween comes this fun and quirky element and I love it. Aside from dressing up full on fancy dress I love how people take Halloween elements and incorporate them in to their every day look. Adding a hint of humor or just a edgy darker look.

These pieces definitely all have that. If like me you have no desire or need to dress up but want to have a hint of Halloween then these pieces are perfect.
Now make up and nails are easier element to incorporate with deep dark colours, red and black being my too favourite choices they gave give you a hint of vampire goddess. If that's not for you then why not try an accessory  These tights are super cute would add some fun and humour to an outfit just like this bag. Or if you're looking for doing something more minimal than this phone case or boots are just what you need. Especially the boots and they'd carry you through right on through the year.

When it comes to clothes I again like very dark colours specially dark red and black and when it comes to textures I immediately think of lace. This lace dress is gorgeous and could be worn all year round. I mean who doesn't love and need an LBD in there lives. This one is definitely a winner as it has that victoriana feel to it that is very on trend. If you don't want it in your every day look then these pajamas are what you need. They are fun and humorous and theythey look super cosy too.
Now if you really want to have a bit more fun without going over the top these make are a great bit off fun to add to any outfit you have the devil, cat and there's also a pumpkin one you just have to decided what you want to be.
So now you can see how to add Halloween to any outfit however, big or small you want to go with it.

DIY Heart Garland

Now this is a post I've been meaning to do for a while. For our wedding back in may I made a few DIY elements. This was one of them. 
I made heart garlands.

To start with you'll need:
Heart Shapes (for stencils)
Pink paper or a paper colour of your choice.

Now take the stencil and draw round it several times. I choose to do big and small ones to create a bit of a pattern.

Then cut around them. I usually put together a few sheets so I cut out more in one go. Otherwise it can seem quite tedious.

Now you have all your shapes cut out. Decide how long you want the string and cut it. Cut as many as you need or want.

When you have all your shapes you can then put glue down the centre place the string and then glue the centre of the other heart and place together.

You then repeat this until you have all the garlands you need.
Now you can display them where you want them.

This last photographs is by Kay Mills Photography and was taken at our wedding.


My favourite cookbooks at the moment are these three. I am not into all the clean healthy eating , but I am loving some of the cookbooks that are covering it.

The Hemsley girls have got a great set of recipes you can even get some of their website as well as their supplement for Vogue. However, if you want more of a range of recipes it's best to get the book. With recipes meals, snacks, sweet treats and smoothies there really is something for everyone. I've found some great recipes from this book including Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with Feta and Courgette Spaghetti which are my favourite go to dishes.

Jamie's Everyday Superfood cookbook is another great book and I love even more than I get to watch is show along side it. There are some really easy recipes in this book and my favourites so far are the chicken kebabs and .

Then there is Deliosuly Ella who started off blogging her recipes. Now this book isn't really for meat eaters but if you want some new ways of cooking your vegetable then I'd definitely recommend it. I think it would be great for getting you kids to love fruit and veg too. My favourite recipe is the raw brownies as they are so full of flavour. I am a picker eater and thought I'd hate these when I looked at the ingredients but they really are fab. Now if a picky eater can it them then anyone can.

These are three great books and I would recommend them to anyone. If you looking to change the way you eat or you similar what to try something new and different then you can't really go wrong with these books. 

Wish List Wednesday

I've looking for some great pieces to add to my wardrobe and for me one of my personal staples is a striped top.  This ASOS version is gorgeous and vibrant. Teamed with a leather skirt like this one or a pair of jeans it'll brighten up any outfit. This second stripe top is a winter warmer and would look great teamed with a gilet and a skirt or pair of jeans and boots. 
All girls love a bit of sparkle and something shiny so to satisfy my inner magpie I've picked beautiful charms. This blue one is gorgeous with its blue stars and little jewel for me it's a must I love stars. As for the musical note who doesn't love music. I have inner mermaid in me too and when I saw this bag I just knew I had to have it although I'm yet to find it in store. 
One of the kep pieces has been an off the shoulder look and I personally love it.  This top is beautiful and floaty and would look great in a variety of ways. It would look great with this skirt. I love this print it is a stand out piece and would be the focal point of any outfit. 
All these pieces are perfection and I would be great additions to my wardrobe. 

Style Guide: Alexa Chung

One of my style icons is Alexa Chung. She has a easy effortless look to her with her mix of girly pieces and rock 'n' roll edge. Although my body shape is very different to Alexa I take inspiration from some of her looks as she has amazing stlye. These three looks have the same mix of soft and hard.

The first look is a super cute monochrome look and leather skirt is a good staple piece for any wardrobe. It could be worn with different pieces to give it completely different looks.

The second look is one of Alexa's more girly looks she love either a floral dress or one with a Peter pan collar. Although I am not one for white I do love the shape and style of this look and it would be fabulous in black. It really is perfection in mixing girly and rock 'n' roll style together.

Lastly this look is winter perfection. It's an effortless look that is very on trend for this season, with this plaid coat which is also great for adding a focal point to the outfit.

Theses are some of Alexa's look but there is laid bag and easy vibe to them it is something that I like to have in my look which is why I thin I take inspiration from her looks. She really is a true style icon.

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