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DIY Heart Garland

Now this is a post I've been meaning to do for a while. For our wedding back in may I made a few DIY elements. This was one of them. 
I made heart garlands.

To start with you'll need:
Heart Shapes (for stencils)
Pink paper or a paper colour of your choice.

Now take the stencil and draw round it several times. I choose to do big and small ones to create a bit of a pattern.

Then cut around them. I usually put together a few sheets so I cut out more in one go. Otherwise it can seem quite tedious.

Now you have all your shapes cut out. Decide how long you want the string and cut it. Cut as many as you need or want.

When you have all your shapes you can then put glue down the centre place the string and then glue the centre of the other heart and place together.

You then repeat this until you have all the garlands you need.
Now you can display them where you want them.

This last photographs is by Kay Mills Photography and was taken at our wedding.

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