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Monday Musings

Money, now everyone is wanting to get there hands on some and whilst people may say they don't they are always wanting more.

At university everyone struggles with money unless you're that student who's parents give them endless supplies of money. When I was at university I got the full amount of grant and loan as my parent's didn't earn a great deal between them. They tried to help if and when they could with helping to buy a few things such as books and photo paper.  Other than that I was on my own . 
I know that is all part of university and growing up and so I just got on with it. Living with my now husband Ian we had bills to pay and food to buy. He worked full time which covered mostly everything which made it easier, but I had to cover the rest which is much better than other students. Although it didn't make it any easier.

I am not complaining as I feel very lucky and like other students I had to get a job. I didn't work the whole of the year just at christmas. The first year I did too many hours which didn't help as it started interfering with uni work. Then the next year I got a job that fitted in great. However, I had a group project and they didn't get it. I explained to them from the start that on days off I had to work as I had bills to pay and needed the money. However, this seemed to make them more angry. Which in turn made me more frustrated. Why didn't they understand they were students surely if anyone else got it they did. I soon realised they didn't care which made me feel really stressed their answer was you don't need to worry about money you'll get your student loan soon. 
From this point on I realised when it comes to money unless it's effecting you no one really cares. 

Since university it hasn't been easy and I have had various jobs not all of which I am proud of. However, you have to work to get the money. I know what I want to do as my career and job but it's having someone take that chance and giving me the opportunity. Money isn't always an easy thing whilst people always want it it's  not always easy to get it. Now I don't want to be rich I'd just settle for actually having a steady income every month from a job I love. 
I have worked via agencies over the last year and while it has usually worked out there are those times you don't have a job for some time and panic starts to set in.
I have been out of work for a few weeks now and whilst I am fighting hard to get something, nothing has come up yet which sucks. It means everything is on Ian and he can't afford to pay for everything and we don't have any money stashed away.

This is a common thing for people our age but that doesn't mean it doesn't frustrate us. I am sure that there are lot's of people who are feeling like this or have felt like this at some point in there lives. To me it makes me appreciate everything more. As not everyone understands that as they've not had to.

I wanted to share this because when I look at other bloggers and see everything they are blogging about and all the things they are buying or are gifted, and it makes me wonder should I be blogging?
I don't have lots of money to buy all these wonderful beautiful things and I don't do exciting things every day. It's in that though that I also realise it means I have to be more creative in what I blog about, which sometimes makes it hard. As I feel like i'm blogging about similar things.

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