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Broadstairs Food Festival

This is very late in being put up. Back in September I went to the Broadstairs Food Festival. 
It was a lovely day spent with my husband, his mum and step dad. The sun was out and the food was good.

I kept it casual with a striped top, ripped knee jeans, silver shoes and my trusty leather jacket.

We wandered around a bit before heading to the food festival. I mean who can resist a bit of seaside charm especially at Broadstairs. It was made even better with the sun shining.

I knew the festival would be busy, but I wasn't quite prepared for how busy it really was. It was definitely a day for the family. With food to suit everyone whether you love meat, are a veggie or vegan, love cake or are looking to try something new there really was a great choice. A place to indulge your stomach and not feel too guilty.

The Taste of Thailand was where we bought some lunch, the thai was to die for. Full of flavour and great portions. You could choose between, prawn, chicken or veggie pad thai. This was a very busy stall and it's easy to see why.

My favourite place by far was "My Little Green Box" I had one of their yummy amazeballs and an energy smoothie. Both of which was so yummy I found myself wishing I could go there every day. They are based in Canterbury so if you are around I'd recommend you check them out.

It was a lovely day out, I saw Chetna from the Great British Bake of which you may have seen on my Instagram.
I'd love to go back next year and have another indulgent day of trying new foods. If you're looking for a good day out then this is the place to be. Broadstairs is a favourite place of mine to go and with this food festival what better reason to go.

So until next time...

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  1. The Broadstairs food festival is always amazing! It was the only year I haven't gone!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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