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Gift Guide: Music Lovers

Fleetwood Mac -Rumours Vinyl
Oasis - Whats the Story Morning Glory Vinyl
iPod Touch
Sony Headphones
Sony Turntable

For the person who loves music there are a range of things you can do.
You can get them some music be Vinyl, CD or digital. Here I've got Fleetwood Mac and Oasis Vinyl's but it really could be anything it's dependent on their taste. Also you have an iTunes voucher, most people get music digitally now so it'll give them the chance to pick what they want.

Another cool gift is headphones there's all different ones two suit preference and price.
Lastly if you've got a bigger budget then an iPod or turntable would be perfect.
With music lovers you can mix and match these items to suit your budget the possibilities are endless.

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