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Wish List Wednesday

Another homeware wish list. I love browsing the websites for pieces for the house. As it is part of what adds character to the house and makes it a home.
We have a room in our house which is my dressing room. It has wardrobes a few shelves but other than that it's pretty basic. I've added a vintage touch with some old suitcases on top of the wardrobes, but I want to add some more personal touches. This skull stand would a great feature and it's an added bonus that it is for jewellery.  I also like this other jewellery stand which is perfect for my earrings. 
The mirror is a given and I love the extra feature of a hanging, this would be great for planning outfits.  The terrarium and grow your own bonsai would add the addition of colour to the room. The candle is a bit of comfort to add a pretty smell to the room and the hangers are more of a necessity as you can never have enough. I swear I always seem to break mine which is why these wooden ones would be perfect. 
I love the contrast of texture and surfaces and these metallic hints would add the much needed hint of sparkle.

1 comment:

  1. Ooo I love the jewellery stand! I want one! Definitely going on my christmas list!



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