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We're in the last hour of 2015 and what a year it's been. 

I've been through different jobs, which is part of what comes from temping. I've ended the year in a job I love,  and one I hope could become permanent. It's great to not only enjoy my job and look forward to going but to also work with a great bunch of people. 

2015 also saw me marry the love of my life, my soul mate, Ian. We've made so many memories in these years we've been together and it's amazing to create the rest as husband and wife. It's both given us a new confidence and excitement for life. 

We visited Morocco and Cyprus,  two different places but both equally as beautiful. 

We've celebrated birthdays, saw my parent's move house and get a dog and made lots of family memories. 

This year has had a few downs but the good ones by far outweigh them. I'm so thankful for 2015 and all that it's brought. Whether it's the big or small moments it's all been fun and an adventure. This year I've felt myself grow as a person and gain more confidence, after all it does come with age. 

So thank you 2015 for being amazing and bring on 2016.

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