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I recently received this c/o Pranamat. I was so excited to get my hands on this mat. It's a therapeutic massage mat which aims to help you feel good.

These spikes flower shapes may prickle you at my first but once you relax it feels like perfection. I get aches and pains now and then, especially on my back. 
The mat mat is designed to give equal pressure to your body. 

I like to place it on my bed before I go to sleep as it really helps to relax me and get me ready for bed. I also like to place it on a chair to help with my back. The natural curve of the chair helps as it then curves for my back too. 

Another way to use the mat is on your feet it's a fantastic feeling. 

I've only been using the mat for two weeks but I'm already noticing a difference. It's become part of my daily routine which helps to relax me.  I'd definitely recommend getting this mat and it's a little piece of heaven. I was a little dubious if it would work but I have to say it's working wonders not just for me, but for my husband too. I'll post an update at the end of month but so far so good. 

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