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London - St Paul's

A while ago Ian and I went to London for two days and a night. It's not something we often do and we'd realised that had been about a year and half since we last went to London. So we thought we treat ourselves to a night away. 

When we got to London we decided to go to St Paul's. Neither of us have ever been before and after seeing the National Rail 2 for 1 we thought we'd use it to finally go. It's a shame you can't take photo's inside as it's so beautiful but it made you appreciate it more. 

St Paul's is a strong and iconic building and it's one of the first things I think of when I go to London, so it's nice that I've finally been inside. 

We climbed all the way to the top and as we had't checked into our hotel (as it was too early) we still had our suitcase with us. It was small but when going up so many stairs with it in hand it does get a bit much. I have to say I wasn't the one carrying the suitcase, it was Ian. He is such as good egg and I'm very lucky. 

Climbing up the stairs was definitely worth while as you got a stunning view at the top. Although it wasn't a gloriously sunny day it was still great to look. 

One thing I loved about the view is all the different shape's and sizes of the building it really does make for a pretty skyline.

Looking at the Tate building was interesting as I'd never noticed the strong line from the tate across the bridge along to St Paul's is. It's was great seeing the amount of people and I felt it really summed up London.

We took lots of photo's but sadly as it is England, it started to rain and we went back down the stairs.
So off we went from their to find our hotel, which I'll be posting soon. 

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