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The Grange Hotel Tower Bridge London

Back in January Ian and I decided to go away to London for a couple of days. After looking at hotels online we decided to go with one of the secret hotels on and yes it's a gamble but we thought why not. The gamble paid off as we stayed in this incredible hotel which is a part of The Grange Hotels. We were in the Tower Bridge one and it was so luxurious. We got it for a great deal cheaper than it should have been which we wouldn't have if we hadn't gone with the secret option.

The room was amazing it was spacious and modern. The bed was super comfy and the neutral tones of the room made it really lovely. Our view wasn't great as it was right opposite an office but then again it is London and we were in the middle of the town. You could also see the Shard which was nice especially at night.

Part of what we liked is the mix of old and new buildings you could see outside. London really has a mix of the two which is really nice it shows the history. 

Although we didn't eat in the hotel the restaurant looked beautiful and was very busy both at dinner and breakfast. 

The whole hotel was spacious, modern and luxurious.  The bar was hive activity and provided a lot of seating.

We didn't deal with the staff much but when we did they were polite and helpful and they were a great team.

I'd definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay in London as we had a really fabulous time. 

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