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What is Happiness?

Happiness comes in many forms and is different for everyone. I bet if you asked 10 people what makes them happy they'd all say something different. That's the beauty of life, everyone is unique and their own individual person.

For me happiness comes from being my true self. It's about having the confidence to say what makes me happy and what doesn't. For me its about the small things in life. 

This year so far has marked a bit of a change for me as it's the first year I feel like I can truly be me. I have this new found confidence and belief in myself and I know what I am worth and deserve. It is the first time I am thinking of myself and trying to put myself first for once. Part of this comes from the support of Ian and the courage he gives me. We have both realised what life means to us and what makes our lives what we want it to be.

I have never wanted to be famous, rich or have an extravagant high end life that's not to say that is wrong but it doesn't make me happy. Of course you need money to live and survive in this world but it doesn't mean you need to be rich in terms of money. I feel rich is other ways, be it the love and support Ian and I give and get from one another or the love and support of our families. Like I said everyone is different.

I have always struggled to think about what I want and what makes me happy as I like to please people in particular my family. I would do anything for them which I wouldn't change but sometimes it means I have chosen to do something because I thought they'd be unhappy if I didn't. It is as I've gotten older that I realise everyone should be happy and that you'd shouldn't stop your happiness for the sake of someone else's. That and you can't please everyone.

I want a life that is balanced and that I get great joy from. I have done jobs in the past that I know I not right for me but I have done them anyway. This has made me incredibly unhappy and in turn affected other parts of my life. It partly what has spurred me onto to create the life I love and that Ian and I want too. 

For me happiness comes in a variety of ways. I want a simple life that is filled with adventure, be it going on a day trip, traveling or trying new things and I want to do this all with Ian. Life is one big adventure filled with lots of little ones and it's up to us to see the moments and make of them what we will. I have always been sentimental and sensitive which some may see as a weakness but for me it's not it is who I am. It makes me caring, compassionate and empathetic which at times can be hard but I wouldn't change it. After all like the quote happiness really is homemade. It's what you make of like and what you choose to do that makes you happy.

After slowly learning this over the years I am on my way to creating a life I love and I hope you all are too.

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