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London Portobello Road

We got up feeling fresh faced and ready for a full day in London. Part of our visit included exploring the streets and the mix of old and new buildings. Along with going to portobello and then we went to The Science Museum. 

I like how there is a mix of the old the and new in London it's part of the history and the appeal I think. 

It was strange the tube being so empty, as I am so used to the trains being packed like sardines. It made me very grateful that I got to experience the quiet part.

One thing I love about Portobello Road is the pastel coloured houses. They're like something from a dream. I guess it's also part of the charm to everyone else too, as people pose near the houses and have their photo's taken. I not really into that part but I do love their pretty colours.

It creates a vibrancy amongst the grey buildings. 

As always Portobello was busy and was mixed with locals and tourists. 

I love the mix of stalls and shops and had we not been staying in London till late I would have bought some of these fabulous flowers home with me. As for vinyl I purchased a Nirvana best of which I'd been looking to add to my collection.

Ian and I had a good look through, but other than Nirvana we did't really find what we were looking for. 

The Science Museum is one of our favourite places to go when visiting London, so we always try to fit it in. It has some great bits for young and old people and we always feel like big kids when we go. 

I particularly liked the part on space and we love the transport section. 

I kept my outfit simple with a green smock, black leggings, vans and this stunner of a coat.  I'd love to know what some of your favourite parts of London are.

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