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Wish List Wednesday

ASOS Cold Shoulder Embroidered Bralet

I've been thinking about bit's I might need for my holiday which was spurred on by the ASOS sale.
Theses shoes are so cute I just love the tassels. These earrings and necklaces from Regal Rose are super cool and would add a little edge and style to my looks. I wasn't really into the whole choker thing but I've been won round and now I want some.
I always want new book for a holiday and this book would be perfect. I prefer books like this as I seem to get captivated by them. I've been on the look out for a stunning dress and this one is beautiful blue and would great on a holiday. I am smitten with the off the shoulder look and I can't help but gravitate towards pieces like this. Another off the shoulder number with this top that I found in the ASOS sale. I love the romantic vibe to it and I know it would work well with pieces I already have.
This playsuit is gorgeous and reminds me of Morocco with it's pattern. I think it would be perfect for a day at the beach followed by a chilled evening out.
Now what girl doesn't find an excuse to get a new bikini. Now this one may seem a little boring, but I have lots of brightly coloured ones and I wanted one that was a little more simple. This one ticks all the boxes and it's gets an extra one for being high waisted.
Lastly I love taking photo's on holiday and whilst looking on ASOS I came across this underwater one which would be really cool for taking some snaps in the water.
I feel really inspired this season and ASOS has become my go to when looking at clothes. I think what they're doing over there is great. I do still love looking at other shops too, hence the other editions  on this wish list. 

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