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Wish List Wednesday

I am loving this dress it's an easy piece but looks so pretty would be great dressed down for a casual look or dressed up with heels for the evening.
With my birthday around the corner you may have seen in my last 'Wish List' post I put a bike in it. Well I have gone a used a bit of birthday money that I got early to put towards it to buy myself a super cute bike. I now need an equally stylish helmet and I love this bronze one. My bike will look perfect with a basket like this one and will be great when popping to the shops.
This joggers are really cool and would be great for those lazy days. 
Sticking with one of my favourite colours of the season, I fell in love with this bomber. I currently have one but it's showing it's age now so i think it's time to get a new one. With the shiny material I think this would look more luxe then my current one. 
Next up more for replacing. I am nearly out of my body cream and need to get some more. These products smell heavenly they are my favourite along with Lush.
What girls doesn't want an excuse to buy new shoes and with the warmer weather upon us it's definitely time to get sandal shopping.
Lastly I am a fan of a print and I love this spot top it would be a great piece which would stand out for a day or night look. There are so many fab pieces this summer and it's got me very inspired. 

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