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Letter to my younger self....

Life isn't easy, that's just a given. Stop chasing after being an adult, it'll come and when it does there's kind of no going back. Enjoy you young and carefree days because that won't last forever. 
I know at times growing up seems like the answer to everything, but it's not. Yes, you're going to have people disappoint you and let you down but that won't change when you're older.

Is the 'Dream' job possible?

Is it really that easy to get a dream job straight out of uni? I say although it's not impossible, it's fairly unlikely you will. If it isn't hard enough, the judgement from others (parents included) makes you feel somewhat of a failure. It's not as easy as some might think. Talking from my own experiences I left uni with a sour taste in my mouth and wasn't sure on which direction I'd take.


At Christmas Ian and I got a National Trust membership. We love visiting new places and learning new things, so the National Trust membership was a perfect gift. As a way to document our visits I've decided to start a small section based on these trips.

The Big Easy Covent Garden

The Big Easy is a great place to, whether it's on a date or meeting up with friends. It has a great laid back vibe and the atmosphere was electric. There was long waiting list so I'd recommend booking ahead.

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