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At Christmas Ian and I got a National Trust membership. We love visiting new places and learning new things, so the National Trust membership was a perfect gift. As a way to document our visits I've decided to start a small section based on these trips.

I've been to Knole many times before, but only to walk round the grounds. It was nice to come and have a walk and get to see the amazing building. The family that owns it still lives there now, but you don't have access to that part. It is great to know that it is still in use today and that you still get to visit.

There really is something so lovely about building that have this stone look. It almost makes them feel more homely. It gives the building more character and interest. I love an old building and the history it has, like it tells it's own story. We joined the tour which was interesting as we got to learn some bits about Knole.

I think the orangery had to be my favourite part. These windows and the amount of light they let in is stunning, along with this faded blue look to the walls. It has great views of the grounds and had a peaceful feel to it.

In the grounds of the building there are deer everywhere. I can't quite believe how peaceful they are and that they don't even seem to be bothered by the visitors, however I guess they are used to it. 

It was a really great day and somewhere I'll definitely be going back to.

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