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The Big Easy Covent Garden

The Big Easy is a great place to, whether it's on a date or meeting up with friends. It has a great laid back vibe and the atmosphere was electric. There was long waiting list so I'd recommend booking ahead.

Ian and I had a bit of a wait as we hadn't booked ahead. We were just in time for  happy hour which lasts a couple of hours. Whilst waiting I knocked back a few of their frozen cocktails. The perfect combination of a childlike slushi with but with the addition of alcohol, which us adults can only have. 

Due to the nature of some of the meals you get these super cool bibs.

Ian had steak which he said was the best he had ever had.

I went for this meal deal where you got a cocktail with lobster Mac and cheese which can with a side salad and chips. It was amazing it was a mix of home comfort and luxurious indulgence.

Ian and I loved it and although it's not the cheapest of meals it was worth every penny. We'll definitely be going back .

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