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Adult Defining

At what moment did you feel like you'd truly become a grown up?

Job Interviews

Job interviews are a topic I've always wanted to cover, but for one reason or another i've stopped myself. I guess part of it is fear that a future employer might not like it. You know what though its my space to write about what I want.

Bella Italia

I've eaten Italian before and visited some of the other Italian chains, but never Bella Italia.
I love the decor. It has a retro and fun feel to it and it's one of the best in terms of decor. 
I love the gelato counter it stood out for me. 

I live my day as if it was the last Live my day as if there was no past

Bateman's House

One lazy Sunday, Ian and I took our National Trust Membership cards and set out to explore. 
We found ourselves on the way to Bateman's House.

Cuffleberry & Co

Earlier in the year I was contacted about Cuffleberry & Co Gourmet Dog Food and asked when Rufus's birthday is. Whilst Rufus isn't my dog he is my family dog and I see him lots. Last month was Rufus's birthday and they kindly sent me a birthday hamper for him.

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