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Adult Defining

At what moment did you feel like you'd truly become a grown up?

I want to say that for me it's the moment I moved out and started making a life of my own, but it wasn't. I think the moment I finally felt like an adult was when I stood up for myself and stopped trying to live my life for others. It was when I decided that enough was enough. It's my life and I have to put me first.

All this got me thinking that even though at 18 we are classed as adults, we don't necessarily become them. When we're young we chase after the age when we'll finally be an adult. 
Why? All so we can turn around to our parents and say, "well I'm an adult now so I'll do what I like" It doesn't work like that and although some parents lead us to believe this, when you're young as long as you live in their house, you never truly get to be an adult. 

I think the hardest part is when you're a teenager your not quite a child but you're not an adult either. The dream of being an adult is what you hold on to. It's like your wearing rose tinted glasses because in your teenage mind everything will not only make sense but will be ten times better when you're an adult. It's safe to say that's not true.

Being an adult comes with responsibilities, bills, decisions and all those boring things. Whilst those are things that being a true adult comes with. It doesn't necessarily define being an adult. Being an adult means making your own decisions and life choices and not blaming others for them.

That moment when you know you've become an adult is special. It's like something changes and defines you as a person. It's different for everyone and it will hold different meaning to each individual. 

It makes you who are and it's what set's you up. There are many things that you'll learn in life and experience you have which shape you. I think how you're brought up and the choices you choose are what creates you a person. It's how you gain strength in yourself as an independent person. It gives you the strength to make choices with conviction . To know at the end of the day you're proud of the decisions you make and no one can take that away from you. It's about feeling a sense of peace about who you are and what you've become.

I'd love to know what your defining moment was and when you knew you were an adult.

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