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Job Interviews

Job interviews are a topic I've always wanted to cover, but for one reason or another i've stopped myself. I guess part of it is fear that a future employer might not like it. You know what though its my space to write about what I want.

Since I was 18 I have had a range of jobs. Come on, that was 8 years ago and in that time I have been at college and uni too. Since graduating I have done a fair few temporary jobs so that's made my interview rate a bit higher.

Now interviews are obviously for the company to get to know the individual, to see if they're the right person. For me though it's just as important for the individual to ask questions and find out more. 
Yes you should know some information anyway but I mean really ask. I mean is this really where you want to work?

With the range of interviews I have had, comes lot's of questions. I'd love to say all companies are different and that they all ask different things, but they don't. There are generic questions that all companies want to know. It's very rare that I get asked something I've not been asked before. 

As I have gotten older the way in which I am asked questions has changed and so too has one or two of the questions. By that I mean more of the "Do you live at home with your parent's?" or the "Are you married?" which is then followed by "really you're married? you seem a little young"
I get it your trying to get to know me and well flattery gets you everywhere. 

It's the question that comes after this, that gets me. The question that is not allowed to be asked but still does. I have to state not all interviews I have been to have asked, but it is becoming more frequent. 

That question is, "Do you want children?"
To me this question is really unnecessary and insulting. 

It shouldn't matter if I do or if I don't. I would work hard regardless. It doesn't reflect me as a person or my ability to do the work. Also if I had a child I would still want to continue working.

Yes, at some point Ian and I do want a child however, that being said I don't know when. It's something that is personal and private and I shouldn't have to share that.  

Asking this question is wrong on so many levels. It's like a loaded gun. You could ask something not knowing that maybe they can't have children. Would you expect them to tell you that?
It's so personal and on meeting someone probably for the first time you are expecting them to share all this information with you. 

To me there are far more important questions to ask that show a persons passion, interest and experience suited for a role. Get to know a person but don't ask questions like that. It doesn't look or sound good. In some ways it can be a turnoff for a job. 

Remember interviews are as much for the company as they are for you. It's the way for you to finally decide if they're really the company for you. They should be showing you why you'd want to work there. 

I am going to do a few more posts which will feature questions I've been asked and that I've asked and little tips and advice from my experiences. 

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