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MEXico Restaurant Opening

Last week I was invited to the opening event for MEXico in Maidstone. It's about time Maidstone had some spicing up. Often enough I go to Maidstone and the restaurants are all the same. This is a great new addition with its vibrant look and delicious food.

Inside you are met with vibrant colours and fun decor. All of which was sourced from Mexico. It really adds to this restaurants atmosphere of bringing Mexico to you.

From Mexican papers to art from Mexican artists it's all here to add to the Mexican feel. It is all part of what makes it feel authentic. It has a laid back fun feel that makes you forget everything and relax.

They've got a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. I mean it wouldn't have that fiesta feel without the cocktails. My favourite one was the Tropical Margarita. 

They are great teamed with their truly deliciously gorgeous food. That brings a party to your mouth. Prior to this I hadn't really had Mexican food. They've won me round with mouthfuls of flavour. Guacamole is perhaps my new favourite thing.

Both the meat and vegetarian options tasted amazing and left me wanting more. With each bite I couldn't wait to taste something else. I'll be going back that's for sure. 

The dessert was just as flavourful and who can resist a brownie, well I can't. There were churros too, which were too yummy. 

This a vibrant and fun place whether you're getting the family together, out on a date or catching up with friends, it's the place to go. Grab a cocktail and start your night of right. Get yourself down to Maidstone and try the true taste of Mexico, you won't be disappointed. 

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