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5 Tips to Nail that Interview

Looking for a job is never easy. I should know since graduating I have had countless jobs. That being said a fair few have been temp jobs where I was only needed for a short amount of time. I have finally found a permanent job which I am really enjoying. Go me!

That being said I do know that applying for role after role and hearing no's or not hearing back at all can be disheartening. Keeping go though because something will come up. I kept going even when I was starting to run out of hope. Then an interview came up and I went into excitement mixed with oh fuck, can I actually do this? I think that's all part of the process, unless you are a super babe.

Through the interviews I've had I've gained a great deal of experience and tips, so who better to share them with. That being said I must say I have learnt this through both successful and unsuccessful interviews. Well, because I am not perfect. 

1. Be prepared. 
By this I mean research, it never looks good going into an interview and being ignorant.
They want to know that you have an interest and passion. Basically that want to know if you're invested. Don't over prepare by this don't rehearse an interview. I've done this and it didn't go well. Questions I hadn't even thought about were asked and it through me. Let's just say I didn't get the job and I can see why. I wouldn't have employed me either. 
It's like a mix of spontaneity and chilled boss babe. 

2. Dress to impress
I think this goes without saying really, doesn't it? This doesn't necessarily mean suited and booted. It's entirely dependent on the company. For me, well my go to is a killer dress, boots or shoes. Then I either chuck on my leather jacket or a blazer. Oh and as for makeup, well don't over do it. You want to look professional not like a clown.

3. Questions
Not the questions they give you. The questions you give them. It's a great way to show you're engaged. An interview isn't just a time for them to ask you questions but a time for you to ask questions. Don't go all interrogator though, that's a bit intense. That and well if you've done you're research then you shouldn't have too much to ask. 
Of course you'll ask when you'll here back but, aside from that. Think about what you want to know.

4. Examples
Physical examples are great, they demonstrate that you can actually do what you say. 
It's a great talking point. Also there are some interviews that get marked on a point basis which will be done against the job specification. Examples help with this.
Now, I know physical examples don't apply to everyone. Think of it like this, it's like giving evidence. It's one thing to say you've done it, but if you can say it with a bit extra. Well, let's just say it goes a long way. 

5. Be You
Personality is key to some companies. Don't be fake be genuine.
If they don't like you for you then, well, sorry babe but the jobs not for you. 
You deserve better. 
That being said do not be rude, or swear these won't go down. I have not done this myself, but you can see what might happen.

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