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What is Love...

What with it being Valentine's last week, I have been thinking a lot about love. I'm sure we've all felt love or been in love at one stage or another. So, what better time to celebrate love.

With love there is more than one type there's the romantic kind and then there is the love you have for family. It's this that got me thinking about what love is. Love is unique and will hold a different meaning to everyone,but for me...

Well, love to me above all else is caring for someone else. It's about about wanting the best and supporting someone no matter what. It's about the little things.

In terms of family,  its about looking after one another and wanting to be there for them when they need it. In my family it's all about being a little crazy and kooky and getting on each others nerves. We all talk above one another and we may have out disagreements but ultimately in the end we are there for one another. It's not always pretty or easy but it's family.

Then there's the romantic kind. There is nothing better and there is no other feeling like it. When Ian and I met I wasn't looking for love. I guess people are right when they say you shouldn't go looking for love as it'll find you. I can say from that moment I've never looked back. With Ian even after all this time it still feels new but at the same time I feel like I've known him forever.

Romantic love is having someone who you share everything with that is not only your best friend but someone you share a deeper connection with. It's both an emotional and physical connection. You are on the same wave length and something just feels right. It's something that I hold personal and special as it's unique and exciting.

If you hadn't already realised, I'm one of those gushing romantic types. Yes, you caught me I love a good romantic film that has me crying and then celebrating when it all comes together. I also know that real life doesn't really work like that. To me love is all about the little things. Putting someone else's happiness before your own. It's about making them feel special and supporting them. However, it is also about getting that back. It's about being jointly involved and present.

Without sounding a little cliché love is all around us. Love Actually got it very right in that sense. It's in the small details, the small acts of kindness. It's small jestures that all mount up to the bigger picture. 

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