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Historic Dockyard Chatham

Another week and another adventure. Ian and I are always looking for new places to go and explore. This time it was The Historic Dockyard in Chatham. It's funny isn't it, the places that are closest are the ones you mean to go to and never do. 
So, when the I was invited to spend the day there I jumped at the chance.

Barcelona - Places to Eat

Last month Ian and I went to Barcelona. We went for a weekend break which was so needed. Whilst we were there we were spoilt for food. I found some pretty great places which I wanted to share with you guys. Cause you know, your might want to go there too. 


Health & Fitness Tools

Health and Fitness has never come easy to me. I'd love to say I'm one of those health and fitness mega babes but sadly I'm not.

Yotel Gatwick Hotel Review

Last month, Ian and I spent the night in Yotel at Gatwick. We choose to stay here because frankly, the price was hard to turn down. That and there was something about it. It's quirky, innovative and fun concept was something that really interested me. I had to give it a go. 

5 Beauty Buys for a £1

Beauty products are a must have for me. Now I don't mean this in the sense like the girls that leave and breathe beauty. As I must confess, I've never really been into it like that.

Ideal Home Show

Last week I went to the Ideal Home Show. I've wanted to go for years but never had the time to go. I say this because usually, I am very busy this time of year. This year I was offered 2 free tickets and I thought what better excuse. That and well, I am moving house in the next couple of months, so a girl needs all the inspiration she can get. 

From Home to House

I have called this place my home for 7 years now. It is mine and Ian's home a place we have made ours. Lining the shelves with books that we have read and kept over the years. The walls adorned with years of memories, places, art and words. Candles lit and a cosy and homely feel about it. With pretty plants and all the rest.

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