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Barcelona - Places to Eat

Last month Ian and I went to Barcelona. We went for a weekend break which was so needed. Whilst we were there we were spoilt for food. I found some pretty great places which I wanted to share with you guys. Cause you know, your might want to go there too. 


 First up is Chök. A place that my mouth couldn't help but water at. This sexy chocolate place is all kinds of fabulous. I'd looked it up before and knew I had to check it out. When I was outside looking in at all the treats they had on offer, all I could think is come to mumma. 

The decadent mix of things made me want to stay all day. I didn't though. I got a cronut whilst Ian got the chocolate brownie. They didn't last long and it's left me with a taste I can't forget. I definitely recommend popping in there you won't be sorry. 

San Tomassino

Now I know it's pizza and might not seem like something great, but I'll tell you this was so yummy. Opposite where we stayed was an underground shopping centre. The locals were there and they took there families. They say you should go where the locals do so we did. So glad as it was one tasty meals we had. 


Lastly, you can't go somewhere like this without having ice cream. I love going away and having ice cream in a tub. I like to mix the different flavours that I wouldn't normally. Literally anywhere you walk there is ice cream so it's hard to turn it down.

So they are my three places to go try. If you try them I'd love to know what you think. So until next time. 

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