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Health & Fitness Tools

Health and Fitness has never come easy to me. I'd love to say I'm one of those health and fitness mega babes but sadly I'm not.

I'm not too sad about it though. I've always loved my food. Whether it's pizza, pasta or a sexy dessert I love it all. I think that's where my downful is. I love the super indulgent foods. I've never been one for fruit which I know is bad. Don't ask me why but it's just not for me. I love vegetables though so I figure that evens it out.

With all that being said thats only one element of health and fitness. I struggle to do the exercise part too. Exercise has never been enjoyable for me. I've always felt you have to be amazing at it to feel good. That and I worry about what I look like doing it. Silly right? I know I've got to change that attitude.

I love getting out into the fresh and that's where my focus is. So what helps with my health and fitness, you ask?

1. Fitbit Flex 2 -  For me I couldn't live without it. Say what you want about these gadgets, but I love em. A place that counts my steps, monitors my water intake and tells me how much exercise I've done. It's helps keep me focused and to keep going.

2. My Fitness Pal - This overlaps on the Fitbit and you can sync the two together. I use this to monitor my food and give me a plan. An app that shows me what I'm eating. Perfect for making sure I don't have too much sugar.

3. Calm - An app I don't use all the time but when I feel I need a time out to just sit, this goes on. Perfect for 5 minute meditations that I can do whenever and wherever I want.

4. Daily Yoga - I've got to confess I've not used this recently but when I do I feel all sorts of good. Perfect when you always on the go.

5.Nike + Training  - This is an app that I'm new to. I love the feel of it and the fact you can pick your level. This throws in a few different sorts of exercise for me. After all its good to mix it up.

So that's my health and fitness tools. Obviously these aren't for everyone but they keep me focused. Knowing I've got them in my pocket ready to go makes it easier. It also makes me more mindful about what I'm doing or when I need to do more. It's so important to take of yourself and its even easier with apps like these. 

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