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Ideal Home Show

Last week I went to the Ideal Home Show. I've wanted to go for years but never had the time to go. I say this because usually, I am very busy this time of year. This year I was offered 2 free tickets and I thought what better excuse. That and well, I am moving house in the next couple of months, so a girl needs all the inspiration she can get. 

I love the entrance to the Ideal Home Show. The big sign and oversized chairs, what's not to love. It makes quite the impact and everyone wanted to have a photo, including me. 

Being the Ideal Home Show I thought it would be big but never realised quite how big. 
There was so much to see and do. I thought it would be soley on homeware. I had looked at the website and seen what was on but I didn't realise quite how big each section would be.

 Of course the Ideal Home Show has a selection of different things from demonstrations to personal style and inspiration. It really has so much packed into the Olmpia. You can't get bored there is something for everyone. It helps that you get a free goodie bag too. Who doesn't love a freebie.

For those of you who might be a bit of a property nerd like me. Yes, I'm talking to those of you who watch Location Location Location, Grand Designs and George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. I can't get enough of these shows and when I saw George's revolving house I couldn't help but get excited. To actually see it in person was super cool. It's one thing to watch on tv but to actually see it. Wow.
The garden section was my favourite. With it just turning to spring it's got me looking to summer nights spent in the garden. It helps that we're moving so it was the perfect place to get some inspiration.  It's got me dreaming off BBQ's and warm summer evenings. I found some great pieces including a really cool BBQ set which you can see in my vlog. 

In terms of homware accessories, well, I couldn't get enough. I was like a magpie everywhere I turned there was something I wanted. These candle holders were just some of the range they had on offer. I can tell you I'll definately be putting in an order with Radiance London when we move. 

Another place I fell in love with was Culinary Concepts. Although some of it maybe a little out of my price range, I couldn't help but get excited by some of their peices. Their lights and mirrors are to die for. It's got the mix of vintage and modern down to a tee. I might have to start saving so I can some of these pieces in my home. That really are that beautiful.

Along with some great idaeas for the home they had appliances and, well, anything that goes in your home. Come on gadgets are a massive part of that and if like Ian and myself your tech fans than this is like a little haven. I never realised that there were so many gadgets you could have in your home. 

There wasn't just homeware. They had a style section with a feel good stage. Here they were talking about the latest trends and how to wear them. Anyone else recognise this lady I am very sure she used to do that show 10 years younger.

As if it couldn't get any better they also had an 'Eat & Drink' festival. So whether you wanted to guage on some food or drink yourself silly, there was somethting for everyone. They had food demonstrations throught the day in different parts of the festival. I missed Candice from the bake off but if you watch my vlog I got a small glimpse of her. 

It was the perfect time for me to go as I've been looking for home inspiration. There was so much to take but I've come away with some more inspiration, ready for when we move. 
It was the best day out and I'll be going back. If you've not been, go. You won't regret it. Well, maybe your purse will. 

See more of my day by watching my vlog. 

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