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Yotel Gatwick Hotel Review

Last month, Ian and I spent the night in Yotel at Gatwick. We choose to stay here because frankly, the price was hard to turn down. That and there was something about it. It's quirky, innovative and fun concept was something that really interested me. I had to give it a go. 

The inspiration behind the cabin like rooms comes from first class travel. They wanted to create compact and luxurious spaces for people to stay in. Their thinking is that these spaces are for people before a flight or to freshen up after a flight. They are general a stop gap for their travelers. 

Yotel Gatwick is located right in the South Terminal. This made it the perfect choice and meant we didn't have to think about travelling from the hotel on the morning of our flight. It was a literally a get up get in the lift and a walk to our check in. 

We choose the Standard Cabin. This room is described as "This spacious single is perfect for one. If you're a night time snuggler, there's just about room to squeeze in another." 

Yes, Ian and I are night time snugglers, but even this was a bit small. It was comfortable for the two of us for a couple of hours then it became a bit uncomfortable. I can't fault Yotel for that we choose this room, so that's totally on us. This wasn't such a big deal as we had an early flight. 

Now for the overall room. Well, what can I say?
Ian and I were a little in love with it. The concept and design blew us away. It may seem simple, but for us it was just right. It was like we were in one of the projects from George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. FYI if you haven't watched that, you so should. 

As you step in the door you have the bed to one side and the shower to the other. Straight ahead is a shelf up top with a mirror underneath and a pullout desk. On the back of the door is a fold out chair. How clever, well, at least I think so. 

The shower was compact but just what you need for a stopover. It had the shower and one end with the toilet at the other. They even fitted in a tiny sink. The shower got top marks for me as it was a rainfall shower and nothing feels more luxiourious.

Along with the room, I have to give a massive thumbs up to the on tap drinks. At the reception, all you have to do is ask for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water and they'll give it to you. You can have as much as you like as it's unlimited with the room. They do have a food menu you can order from, but we didn't get anything from there.

Overall the room was perfect for a stopover trip. We will definitely book again if the price is right as it was a really lovely place to stay. That and the location is perfect. 
Ian and I know for next time to get the next room up so won't be making that mistake again. 

Along with Gatwick they are in Heathrow and also other countries. So, go check them out.  

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