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Silken Diagonal Barcelona Review

The Silken Diagonal hotel was a bit of a dream. I say that because it was even better than I thought it would be. Yes, I booked the hotel but it was more fab than it looked online.

Beefeater The Beacon Dartford

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to review Beefeater,  The Beacon in Dartford. I wasn't going to turn down the chance to enjoy a good meal. With a voucher in hand I booked it for the start of a week.  I did this as I thought it would be a little quieter. Boy was I wrong. Being busy is always a good sign though. 


In March,  Ian and I went to Barcelona. A place Ian has wanted to take me for a while. 
We were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine, although it was incredibly windy. 
Like true Brits it didn't stop us from enjoying the sunshine. I even bared my legs. Come on I wasn't going to waste the sunshine, I mean you got to make the most of it.

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