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Soap and Glory Favourites

Soap and Glory are one of my favourite beauty brands. What's not to like? Come on they come in super cute packaging and they smell divine.

I am not usually good with products like this but, these work so well with my skin. I love how easy and light their products are. For a girl on the go like me they are perfect. There are so many things about Soap and Glory that I love. I mean whats not to love. I have my favourites products too.

Hand Food
A handbag essential. Take it wherever you go. It's the best product for the go. Perfect for the colder months when your hands need a little TLC. I can't get enough of the smell, even after it soaks in you can still smell it. It leaves my hands feeling loved and cared for.

Body Cream
This is the drink my skin needs. There is just no better way to put it. Often my legs get dry and this cream makes my legs look good as new. This product always feels a little indulgent and luxurious which is what everyone wants from a product. Am I right? 

Face Cream
I've only recently discovered this, but so far so good. It's leaves my skin feeling good. Unlike other creams it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. It leaves it feeling normal. Now I know you're thinking that's not so amazing but it really is. For me there's nothing better. I've had many creams that leave my face feeling horrible but this, we'll, what can I say. It's does the job right. 

I have had an issue with Mascara's in the past, but not this one.
One of the few I can actually use. It is light, but gives my lashes an amazing look and makes them stand out.

Face Wash
I've been using this for just over 4 months now and it is lovely. Beautiful and light and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.

So these are 5 of my favourite Soap and Glory products. What are your favourites I'd love to know. 


  1. I've only really tried the S&G makeup range which I've been really impressed with, definitely need to try some of their skincare line.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

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