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Monday Musings - A Catch Up

Sometimes it's necessary to take a break. 
As you may have noticed I've not been posting a lot. This hasn't been because I've not wanted to. It's just because a lot has been going on. I've been feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted. It's all gotten a bit much and it's left me feeling very overwhelmed. 
With a full-time job, Blogging and everything else I knew something had to give. I mean, a gal can only do so much. I'm only human after all. 

I usually make blogging work and fit around my full-time job. Why? Well I love it. That being said everything has taken its toll and I've not felt very inspired. It's hard to stay focused when so much is going on. 

So what's been going on you ask? 
Well lots.
If you've been following my instagram you may have seen I'm moving. It's been a time to say goodbye to one chapter and look forward to the next. Currently we're staying at Ian's mums. It's been strange and very unsettling as we've not got our own space. Moving is stressful enough without being in limbo. We should be moving at the beginning of August so we're counting down the days. I can't wait,  but there have been days where I feel down and struggle to stay positive. This is because it feels like time is going so slow and all I want is to move now. 

In addition to moving I've been settling into my job. It's my first permanent role which is very exciting. It's also very scary. It's new for me and a first. I'm putting my all into it and I'm really enjoying being a Communications Officer.  Ian has had a promotion at work which he's worked hard for. I'm so proud of how far we've come and it's been a very exciting. We've both worked really hard to get here and at times caused a lot of stress and pressure. 

If both of those weren't enough,  Ian and I have been finding out whether or not we can have a child. Writing this is fairly difficult but also something I've wanted to share. As you can imagine it's been a hard time. We take each day at a time but it's looking more like a no. This is something we are trying to get our heads round. I guess time will help. 

So with all this going on I've found myself getting so overwhelmed. I think if I just had one thing I'd be alright but dealing with all three has been a bit much. The job stuff has started settling down and once we've moved it'll make it easier. This time has shown me that I deal with things in a certain way that aren't necessarily good. So, I've started going to counselling. It's been really helpful and it has helped me to think about things in a different way. So although I've been stressed I've been learning how to deal with it. I've starting to feel better and more focused and with that I feel it's time to start blogging again. 

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