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Pure Hair Body Nails

It's important to take time out and give yourself a little self care. I don't find this very easy but recenlty I've been trying to work on that a little bit. I love a bit of a pamper but I can't really justify the price. I mean come on, I'm not made of money. It doesn't mean that I should miss out though. So when I found out that my local college has a beauty salon I had to go. 

The Pure Hair, Body and Nails salon is just like any other salon except you have the trainees from the college. It's great experience for them and it means you can have treatments for a fraction of the cost. The price doesn't mean you miss out as the girls  have already undergone their first term of training so it's just putting it into practice. I couldn't tell the difference. The girls are all very professional and make you feel very welcome. If you have something similar in your area then I'd recommend giving it a go.


Whilst at the salon I got my nails done a beautiful coral colour. It gave my nails a fresh, tropical and bright look which is perfect for summer. My nails looked really good and it made me feel really relaxed letting someone else do it for me. There is nothing like sitting back and relaxing whilst someone else gives you a bit of a pamper. 

To help me feel really relaxed I had a full body massage and a luxury facial. When I left I felt really good and relaxed. I don't always feel fully relaxed and with all the house moving I've felt really stressed so it was the perfect time to take some time for myself. It's made me realise that it's important to have some self care time. With everything going on in life we can all forget to take some time out. This is when we start to feel run down and like we need a rest. So, it's important that we recognise the signs that our bodies need a break and to take time to look after ourselves.

It has also shown me that you don't have to break the bank to be able to afford a pamper. So if you're putting on going for a pamper don't. It's important to give yourself a little me time. 

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