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The Primark Dress Everyone Should Own

If there is one thing I love about summer it's the excuse to wear pretty dresses. Last year I got some great buys from Primark which I'm still using this year. So, I thought I'd hit Primark again this year and see what they had. I an tell this gal was very happy. Primark have really upped their game and I'm loving what they've got. 

When I spied this pretty floral number I knew I had to snap it up. This dress makes me feel so good. I love the combination of the red and black and how versatile it is. I an dress it down in the day like I have here, with a pair of converse. I can equally dress it up for a night out. Making it the perfect transition piece to take you from day to night. It's so easy and lightweight. I'm not one to use sassy and sexy in the same sentence but that is exactly how this dress makes me feel. I feel confiedent, sassy and sexy and like can do anything in this dress.

It also helps that when I wore this to London I had three people stop me to ask where I got it from. When I said Primark they were surprised and said it looked so expensive. So they got major points for making this feel even better about herself. So if there is one dress you should all go out ad buy it's this one. At £13 it's a steal. So get to Primark and pick it up now. 

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