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Guest Bedroom Transformation

For those of you who don't know, I've moved. We've been in the house for nearly two weeks and I'm loving it. Ian and I have been busy bees indeed. Taking the first week off to move in and make it a bit more us. We went full force and did as much as we could. 

I was contacted to work with Inspired Wallpapers just over a month ago and I jumped at the chance. Inspired Wallpapers has a great range of top quality wallpapers that come in a variety of different styles. So whether you're looking for a big pattern or something simple they've got. 

I decided that it was a great opportunity to give the guest room a complete transformation. 

As you can see it was very pink. I may be a girl but pink like this is not me. Originally the wall with the pink writing had pink wallpaper that was old and outdated. I wanted to put some life back into the room and give it a more guest friendly feel.

Looking through Inspired Wallpapers "How to Create the Pinterest-Perfect Room" really helped. I knew instantly that Trend 4: Scandinavian Hygge was the feel I wanted. That's why I choose the Crown Tweed Stripe Soft Grey Wallpaper. I felt this trend was everything I want my home to be. Calm, relaxing and tranquil. I want it to be a haven not just for me but my guests. 

The wallpaper is the main feature in this room with the rest of the walls being white. What's perfect about the wallpaper is it's textural stripes as it adds another dimension to the room. Along with, grey and white I am also incorporating blue and dusky pink. This mix of colours goes really well and helps to create the feel I want for our guests.

Eventually, I am going to add some chunky throws on the bed but until I find the perfect navy one I'll have to wait. It's all in the small details for me putting the perfect hints here and there to create the perfect room.

I've accessorised the room with a mix of textures, vintage rustic pieces and hints of nature to bring the whole look together. In Addition, I have gone with a grey carpet, blind and lampshade to draw the central colours in. I love the contrasting patterns of the bedding and the wallpaper I think it gives it a fun feel and really adds to the look. 

Seeing the room transform into a calm, relaxing and tranquil place has been really special. Especially as my first guests said it was a lovely room to stay in and they felt really relaxed. 

I am going to be sharing more from my house so keeping checking in for more home posts. 

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