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Wish List Wednesday

It's been a while since I've written one of these. I'd love to say it's because there is nothing I've wanted but it's not. I mean I am a girl and I can't help but want some new clothing.

Since moving though I have decluttered and got rid of lots of things I just wasn't wearing. And well, that means I can buy new things right?

With decluttering it's made me really think about what clothes I buy. I love to feel comfortable. That doesn't mean I have to wear trackies all the time although I do like to wear them when I'm at home. 

So what have I got my eyes on you ask?
Well I really want this book Get Fit, Get Happy. I've seen Harry's Insta stories and some of the routines look really fun. 
After seeing Liv from What Olivia Did... wearing this gorgeous Star Embroidered Sweater  from Mango I knew I had to get my hands on it. I love anything with a star pattern so seeing this had my heart skip a beat. The fact that it's the perfect colour means I'll be able to wear with lots of different outfits. I've just got to buy it now. A good pair of jeans are essential. It might not seem like the weather for cropped jeans but finding these Kick Peralta Blue jeans felt like a match made in heaven. I love the kick to the ends and the retro vibe they're giving off. I could see them teamed with a pair of vans like the Patent Crackle slip on and a band t-shirt. Jeans are so versatile and they would look just as good with this ASOS Bright Gingham Smock Blouse and some sliders.

Lastly I'm in love with this Classic Hearts Pandora ring. I love the intricate heart cutout and the simplicity of it. It's just my kind of thing only thing is it's a bit more than intend to spend on jewlerry. So if someone would like to buy it for me I'd be very grateful. 


  1. yes i've had my eye on harry's book for a while now! (im also a closet mcfly fan so...definitely one i need to add to my collection!)

    and liv purviss always wears the loveliest clothing - and im a biggggg sucker for the mango sale!!

    katie. xx

  2. I too saw Liv in that jumper and thought... WANT! I'm basically about constellation everything these days.

    T x


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