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Tesco Home A/W 2017

Earlier this year I was invited to come along to the Tesco Home A/W 2017 press preview. I snapped up the chance to go as they are a company and brand I love. I got there and I instantly fell in love with everything and I mean everything. Tesco has really thought about the season and what people want. I feel like they've got inside my head and seen exactly what I like.

Their core collection is just everything with its rich colours, warm fabrics and golden accents it promises to inject a seasonal freshness into your home. Split into two trends Grace and Frontier. Grace is relaxed and rustic and gives all the wintery feels. With it's textured and muted tones, it gives me serious modern country vibes. Frontier is all about the Scandinavian influences. It offers soft pinks, greys and blues which make it a contemporary and easy to in-corporate choice.

The mix of these two in-corporate everything that my house is. My wish list is definitely longer than my arm. With a collection like this it's hard not to want everything. Tesco is nailing it.

Fox & Ivy

This is their new premium range. It is opulent, indulgent and luxurious with an affordable price tag. 
It's all about building rooms around stunning centrepieces to bring a room up-to-date. The blue velvet sofa is a thing of beauty and it would be the show stopper in any room. This and the drinks bar are the must have stand out pieces. All the small details add to the look making it more refined. One of my favourite pieces is the luxuriously soft towels.

Tesco designers have created this range for everyone. They wanted it for people who live, eat and breathe interiors to those who are looking for style inspiration. 

Fox and Ivy is split into three ranges Jardin, Soho and Classics.
Jardin is all about bringing a soft and floral edge to your home. Think vintage prints with soft fsbrics. Soho is classic, elegant and refined. It's filled with exquisite design and brings sophisticated luxury to your home. Lastly, Classics are the items that are important to everyone. It's all about high-quality pieces because we all deserve the best.

Go Cook

Lastly and secretly my favourite is the kitchenware. They've really thought about the detail and versatility of these items. They know we don't want piles of washing up. I mean come on no one's got time for that. They have measurements inside the pots and specially designed trays so theyre easier for you to hold. The knives are beautiful too. 

So whether you're moving house, looking to update your home or you're a sucker for anything homeware you're going to want to get something. Even better it's all out this month. So keep your eyes peeled and get shopping. You won't want to miss out.

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